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Getting Started Tips: Drinking Water Safety-UV

One of the most important things on a hike is water. I had one hike, Cheyenne Mountain, where I actually finished the 3 liters of water that I brought and I was very worried about dehydration. It was a hot day and I started to get a little woozy even though I could see my car in the parking lot I was worried I wasn’t going to make it.

That trail had no water on it…trust me I was searching…and it was a scorching day in the high 90’s. Other trails I have been on have had water everywhere. Streams, lakes, puddles. Other than the puddles the water mountain lakes and streams look like the cleanest purist form of water out there.

What’s that old saying, Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink? No matter how amazingly pure a water source looks there are still risks that drinking it could make you severely ill.

Luckily there are some really smart people out there who have been working on these problems and trying to make us safe. Joining me today is the founder and CEO of the CrazyCap, Rakesh Guduru. CrazyCap is one of the companies trying to make sure the water we drink is clean. Rakesh has a Ph. D in Electical Engineering and Computer Science. Rakesh enjoys hiking, camping and golf so spends plenty of time outdoors and enjoying nature.

Disclaimer: I have an advertising agreement with CrazyCap and any purchase as a result from clicking on a link or ad to crazy cap could result in my receiving a small commission.

Why not drink straight from a stream?

Fatman: Rakesh, thank you for helping with this today. I have seen some amazing streams, creeks and lakes in the mountains of Colorado and they are crystal clear and just look like the freshest water in the world.  Can I just take a big ole drink from these water sources?

Rakesh Guduru, Ph. D: While the US and many other places around the world have beautiful natural water sources, they can become contaminated at any time for a number of reasons, one being pollution from outside sources like dumping or pesticides. It is always safer to be sure your water is sanitized before consuming from ANY source, whether it be a natural stream or even tap water.

FM: What bacteria specifically can be in the water and in what quantities?  In other words how likely am I to drink something bad?

RG: Specific strands of pathogens that can be present in water at any time may vary from e.Coli to Salmonella. Quantities will always depend of the amount of contamination present. But these pathogens are harmful even in small amounts, and potentially fatal in larger quantities. The likelihood of consuming pathogens in water also varies, so it’s best to always practice safety and precaution, even with tap water. 

FM: What are some of the signs that I have drank bad water?

RG: There are various symptoms one can have once contaminated water is consumed. The most common is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and cold sweats. These symptoms can commence almost immediately after drinking contaminated water, or a couple of hours after. Nonetheless, they are a sure sign that you have consumed contaminated water.

FM: What should I do if I am seeing these symptoms?

RG: If you suspect you have consumed contaminated water, you need to seek immediate medical attention

How do I make water safer to drink?

FM: What products are out there to make the water safe to drink?

RG: Some options for making water “safer to drink” would be iodine or chlorine tablets, charcoal, and traditional water filters. By far, the technology that sterilizes and purifies water the most is UV light. It destroys bacteria, microbes, and pathogens in your water, making it safe to consume.

FM: How does CrazyCap work and what percentage of pathogens can it clean out?

RG: CrazyCap works by emitting an embedded UV-C LED light in the cap. By activating your CrazyCap, it can destroy up to 99.9996% of harmful pathogens in Crazy Mode*

FM: How long does it take for clean water?

RG: CrazyCap has two modes: Normal Mode and Crazy Mode. Normal mode activates your cap for 60 seconds. This is recommended for tap water, public fountains and other more practical water sources. Crazy Mode activates for 120 seconds and is recommended for more questionable water sources like lake and pond water or when traveling overseas to countries where the water is unreliable, like Mexico and India, for example.

Benefits of CrazyCap

FM: Charcoal filters are only good for a certain amount of time, is there a limit on how many times crazy Cap can be used?

RG: CrazyCap comes with a LifeTime warranty, so you can have your CrazyCap with you always. Our UV light and technology was developed to last over 10 years, equaling over 20,000 hours of usage! 

FM: Do I need to buy a bottle or just a cap?

RG: You can purchase the CrazyCap alone to fit your favorite bottle, or purchase our CrazyCap and bottle for only $10 more! Our bottle is a premium 304 stainless steel, insulated bottle designed to keep contents cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. 

FM: Anything else that you would like to mention that I have left off about water safety or crazy cap?

RG: CrazyCap automatically self-cleans every 4 hours, ensuring your bottle remains mold and smell free. A single charge lasts up to 7 days with daily use. You can purchase a CrazyCap handle or clip to lug your CrazyCap around easier. CrazyCap is eco-friendly, helping to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bottles and protect our planet from harmful waste.

Wrap up

Rakesh thank you so much. Water is such an important part of an exercise program and making sure that everyone stays safe is of the utmost importance. I still go back to that day hiking Cheyenne mountain and just how quick it can go from good to scary.

Hopefully this has been some helpful information. If you are interested in trying a crazy cap product, they are offering a Black Friday special starting offering 20% off for the Black Friday weekend starting 11/27/20.

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