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Product Review: Kuhl Klash Hiking Pants

Kuhl Klash Hiking Pants

In the fall I got my first pair of Kuhl Travrse Pants and absolutely fell in love with them. I wrote a review of them that you can find here. As the weather started to turn and the snow started to pile up I decided to look for a bit warmer pair of pant but still wanted the flexibility that Traverse allowed. I decided to stick with what I knew and bought a pair of Klash pants and have been extremely happy. Here is my Product Review of the Kuhl Klash Hiking Pants.

As a disclaimer I would like to mention that I have an affiliate agreement with Kuhl and any purchase you make from this website results in me getting a small commission. All opinions on this page are my own and based on my own experiences with this pair of pants. This review is for general informational purposes. Your experience with the pants may be completely different.

My Product Review of Kuhl Klash Men’s Hiking Pants

According to the Kuhl website, the Klash hiking pant can withstand an incredible amount of punishment without sacrificing comfort. They mix Nylon, Polyester, Spandex and Micro Suede with a water resistant finish.

Hiking in the winter in the mountains can lead to some crazy bad conditions so it is important to have a pant that can withstand it all. Here is some basic information before I give my complete breakdown.


$139.00 USD


Waist: 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 42

Inseam 30, 32, 34


Pirate Blue



1: Main body: 72% Nylon, 20% Polyester, 8% Spandex
2: 73% Nylon, 15% Polyester, 12% Spandex
3: 100% Polyester Micro Suede
4: 100% Polyester Mesh


Machine Was Cold, Delicate cycle
No bleach, Do Not Dry Clean
Tumble Dry Low

*All information from

My Kuhl Klash pants in Pirate Blue during a hike near a frozen waterfall.
My Kuhl Klash hiking pants got me to this frozen waterfall.

What I Liked

What I really liked the most about the Klash pants is that they kept the flexibility and functionality of the Travrse despite being a thicker and sturdier pant. I love my Travrse so I am glad that the warmer version didn’t sacrifice anything!

It might be more important in the winter to have a flexible pant as snow could make the trails difficult to follow. I can move just as well in the Klash as I can in their lighter weight cousin.

Zippered Pockets

The next thing I noticed was that every pocket had a zipper to make sure that everything would stay in place during a hike. Nothing worse than taking a big step up on a rock and having the keys or phone fall out of the pocket. The zipper’s eliminate that chance.

There are 6 pockets on the Klash. Two back pockets and Two front pockets like a normal pair of jeans and an additional pocket on the side of each mid leg. The leg pockets are of a good size but not quite as big as the large leg pocket on a cargo pant. The bonus is that they zip as well so you don’t have to worry about the contents.


As I said earlier the Klash is just as flexible if not more than the lighter weight Travrse. I have moved in every direction and have never been restricted with these pants. There is plenty of flexion in the material to allow for several movements.

The leg material while stiff enough to protect against frozen twigs and rocks, stretch with every large step to allow freedom of movement. I found that the connection between the legs is able to stretch wide from slipping on snow that put me in a partial split. This pants are by far a lot more flexible than I am!

I have felt comfortable in every position on every winter hike that I have taken in these pants.

My Kuhl Klash hiking pants at St. Mary's Glacier.
Wearing my Kuhl Klash Hiking Pants to observe a glacier.


I have hiked in these pants a few times now so I can’t speak to super long term durability. I can tell you that the I haven’t seen any wear at all in those hikes. From sitting on rocks and brushing up against a ton of frozen branches the Klash have held up and I haven’t had a single mark on my legs or the pants.

The seams are incredibly strong. With the flexibility of the pant material you would think that it would put extra stress on the seams but they have not wavered in the least.

My best test for these pants was trying to snow shoe on a six inch trail surrounded by really tough willow bushes. The bushes grabbed at my legs and slid right off. In the winter the branches that you have to walk through on the trail have an extra level of rigidity because of the cold and the Klash took the beating without skipping a beat.

My Kuhl Klash Hiking Pants during a winter hike.
The zippered pockets of my Kuhl Klash Hiking Pants

Water resistance

I have used these pants for all of my snow hikes so far and I have to say that I am impressed. They are a soft shell material and not meant to give the protection of a hard shell but so far they have.

During my first snowshoeing adventure I was sinking in the snow down to mid thigh on a pretty consistent basis and never felt a a drop of moisture get through. On more typical ankle to shin deep snow, the boot hook is a really nice feature. The boot hook turns the Klash pant into a bit of a mini gaiter to keep debris and snow out of the shoes.

As I have only hiked with these in the winter, I have not had a chance to try them in rain or puddles. All of the moisture I have been around has been frozen and they have definitely held up to that.

My Kuhl Klash Pants on a winter hike.
Even getting pelted by snow the Kuhl Klash hiking pants kept me warm and dry.

What I Didn’t Like

It was a struggle to find anything that I didn’t like about the Klash pants. If I had to find something I would say that I liked that I could tighten the ankle openings on the Travrse pant and wish that was available on the Klash.

The boot hook does most of the job of keeping the bottom of the pant tight to the boot but it would add an little extra protection if you could hook in and then tighten. A little nit picky but I have to find something complain about or I lose my blogger card.

Wrap up

Overall my product review of the Kuhl Klash Hiking Pants is that I love them! On these cold winter hikes with plenty of moisture around it is important to feel confident that you will stay warm and dry. I have paired these pants with a base layer and hiked in temps as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit and strong winds.

Just like the lighter weight Travrse, the Klash has great flexibility and stretch. I have a ton of confidence moving about on the snowy trails. I know I can take big steps and not be restricted at all.

The price tag is a little bit high for some. $139 is a decent amount to pay for a pair of pants but hiking in the winter is no joke. It is important to feel comfortable that the clothes you are wearing will keep you safe in the elements. I feel that I have been able to do more hikes this winter because I feel that I will stay warm and dry in the Klash pants. That is important for me and worth the money.

Bonus Coverage: I shot this review a couple weeks ago on an unusually nice day on the trail. It gives you a little feel for what is available with the pants.

If you like this review, you can see other products I have reviewed on my Thoughts page. If you have any items you would like me to review or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Happy Hiking!

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