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Busey Brews – Nederland

Busey Brews Smokehouse and Brewery

After my hike to Long Lake at Brainard Recreation Area I decided to drive down the road to Nederland to look for some food. I actually found parking and walked down the little strip until I came to Busey Brews. I liked the look of the modern take on an old west saloon and made my way inside.

The front porch and sign for Busey Brews

Busey Brews is a smokehouse and brewery that has a covered, heated patio and some indoor seating. They are a family owned craft brewery and restaurant in Nederland. According to their website they have brewed over 5,000 gallons of beer and served over 127,000 wings so I felt like I was in the right place!

The Food

From the second I walked in I could smell the wonderful aroma of smoked meats. I instinctively wanted ribs. Its odd because I rarely order ribs but something about the smell and feel of this place drew me in.

The ribs came with two sides and I decided to use one of my choices on the green chili and used it as an appetizer. The green chili came with pork, cheese, cilantro, green chili’s and tomatoes that I could identify. It was really good. There was a ton of pork per capita. I’m more of a red chili fella but every bite of this was delicious.

The green chili with a side tortilla from Busey Brews

Now to the main event, the ribs. I got a half rack of St. Louis style ribs with a side of Pork beans. The ribs were dry rubbed with some great spices and then glazed and smoked to perfection. There was a ton of meat on these bones! There was just enough fat for flavoring but mostly solid meat. The rub and glaze were enough when combined with the rich smoky flavor so I didn’t even need to add any sauce. I ate ugly and I’m not ashamed!

The beans were really good too. They had a good amount of black, kidney and pinto beans together with pulled pork and smothered in some sort of sweet barbecue sauce that gave each bit a sweet flavor to it.

If you find yourself in the Nederland area, give Busey’s a shot.

Finding Busey Brews

Busey Brews is located at 70 E 1st St in Nederland. I never know where to park in Nederland so I parked near the town hall in the small lot and walked over. They are open at 11am everyday of the week. I ended up eating half and taking the rest home so I got to enjoy the Busey ribs twice!

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