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Lonigans Irish Pub – Estes Park

Estes Park

After my hike to Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park I decided to check out Estes Park a bit. I haven’t been here much so I decided to take a stroll down the street. There is such a cool mountain town vibe to this strip and I really enjoyed it.

The street is lined with all sorts of shops for candy, ice cream and of course restaurants. During the week it was pretty quiet and it was actually a bit of a challenge to find places that were open before noon on a Monday.

Lonigans Irish pub about half way down the picture of the old strip in Estes Park.

Lonigans Irish Pub

As I continued to walk I was drawn to Lonigan’s Irish Pub. Something about the wood signs that called to me. Hint for restaurant owners, put an old timey sign in front of your stop and I will probably stop in!

A wood sign hangs on the street and above the door in the front of Lonigans Irish Pub.

Lonigans was a smaller pub with a great big bar and some tables throughout. I took a table near the bar. At 11:30 on a Monday it wasn’t too crowded but had a very inviting feel to it.

I checked their website and found out that Lonigans was actually built in 1908, the same year as the Stanley Hotel, as a the lobby of the Hupp Hotel. Through the 20’s and 30’s it hosted Broadway shows! There is some more great history on their website if you are interested.

The Food

For all the Irish Pub doorway’s I have darkened in my life I had never actually tried Shepherd’s Pie. Not sure what my aversion to it has been because after ordering it at Lonigans I am singing a different tune.

The mass of deliciousness on the plate included cheese, mashed potato’s, beef, and at least peas all with a bit of marinara sauce mixed in. There was also a puff pastry served on top. I still am not really sure what that was for but I ate it.

The big plate of Shepherd's Pie from Lonigans Irish Pub.  A puff pastry sits on top of a mound of mash potato's covered in cheese.  A bit of marinara sauce can be seen on the edges.

I can honestly say this is the best Shepherd’s Pie I have ever eaten. Granted it was my first but I can’t believe it has taken me this long. The creaminess of the potato’s mixing with the beef underneath were a great meal after a cold hike. The peas added a nice texture in with each bite. The marinara sauce wasn’t too acidic and provided that boost of flavor to bring it all together. I really enjoyed my first Shepherd’s Pie.

I really enjoyed Lonigans and now that I have read up on the history I am even more excited to go back there one day. If you find yourself in Estes Park, give them a shot!

Finding Lonigans

Lonigans is located on the old strip in Estes Park, Elkhorn Ave. The address is 110 West Elkhorn Ave. There is a little bit of street parking but most likely you will have to find a parking lot off the strip and take a walk to get there. The walk down the strip is worth it though to see all the shops.

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