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Product Review: Kodiak Moncton Boots

Now that most of the of the country is covered with snow and cold weather stretching all the way to Texas, I thought it would be a good time to talk about winter boots. I live in downtown Denver and walk everywhere and I have never been as comfortable as am now that I got my pair of Kodiak Moncton Boots.

I was looking for a good pair of waterproof and insulated boots but I also wanted something stylish. Also, I needed a boot that I could walk to the store in, or clean off my car but also wear to dinner and I found that in my pair of Kodiak Moncton’s.

My Kodiak Moncton Boots on my table

Before I begin I would like to make a disclaimer. I have an advertising relationship with Kodiak Boots and they sent me this pair of Moncton boots to try out and review. If you make a purchase by following a link on this site I may receive a small commission. All opinions on this page are my own and based on my own experiences with these boots. Your experiences may be different.

Kodiak Moncton Boots

Before I get into my personal review I wanted to let you know about some of the specs on these boots. My review to follow.

According to the Kodiak website the Moncton will help you “Plow through severe winter conditions in this heritage-inspired boot that features the most innovative technologies hidden inside”


$195.00 Regular




Waterproof Leather with waterproof, seam-sealed membrane
400 gm Thinsulate™ insulation for winter warmth
SaltShield™ technology to fend off stains from salted streets
Padded Collar to help seal out cold
Removable, recycled footbed with OrthoLite™ foam
Slip resistant Rubber Outsole


Comfort Rated to temperatures of -4°F/-20°C


Black, Brown

*All spec information from

What I liked

There is a lot to like about these boots. I really like the insulation and waterproofing. For a winter boot that is the best thing you can ask for is to stay warm and dry. More on those in a moment but I wanted to talk a moment about the fit.

I ordered these boots off the internet without being able to try them on and that always gives me pause. They turned out to fit perfectly which was such a relief. I have a bit of a wider foot and have problems with tightness in the toes of footwear but there is plenty of room in the Moncton’s for my foot to fit comfortably. My heel also stays in contact with the boot with no slipping.

The boot has stiff leather through the foot with a softer more flexible leather for the top portion. From heel to top is 6 inches of leather that goes up the ankle. This softer leather up the ankle allows for tucking a pant into the boot or leaving the pant outside and tightening with laces. This provides an extra step of waterproofing that is important.

The Kodiak Moncton Boots.  In the picture you can see the stiffer bottom of the shoe with the looser top.  The boots are unlaced on my table.
The Kodiak Moncton Boots on Display


If you are going to be walking around in the cold, wet, snow and ice it is important to have good traction. I actually had the chance to talk a bit about traction with Kodiak and you can read that here.

Here is the slip scale that I came up with for when I review hiking boots and I think it works here as well: OH, HOLY COW, NO NO NO, Woah, Not Bad, I Got This, No Worries!

Dry Pavement: No Worries! No problems at all on dry pavement.
Wet Pavement: No Worries! The rubber outsole grips really well on wetter pavement.
Snow: No Worries! I have had really good luck walking on snow in these boots. Both a couple inches and a foot were equally successful.
Ice: Not Bad. This comes with a bit of a disclaimer. Going back to my hiking, I don’t recommend walking on ice without some sort of traction device like a microspikes. On rough or thin ice these do OK but on a solid sheet of sidewalk ice I don’t think a shoe or boot in the world can help you much.
Slush: Not Bad. I have had some issues with slush in these boots. More below.
Grass/Dirt: No Worries! I usually only walk on the walks in the winter but I have had to cut across some fields and have no problems at all on different terrain.

The tread on the outsole of the Kodiak Moncton boots
The Kodiak Moncton Boot with treads


The Moncton is now the only boot that I wear in the winter. We get a decent amount of snow in Denver and I have not had a single instance of moisture seeping through the boot. The boot isn’t as breathable as some of the hiking boots that I have worn but I don’t need them to be. If I am walking down a snowy street I want to stay warm and dry and don’t plan on sweating too much.

The Kodiak Moncton boot standing in snow on the street corner
The Kodiak Moncton are great for getting around the snowy city streets


During the recent polar vortex winter storm that rocked the country, Denver got down to -3 degrees with a wind chill of -11 on Sunday. I had plans to get over to the store and had to walk a few blocks. I can tell you that despite having long underwear and about 6 total layers everything on me was freezing cold…except my feet!

The Moncton boots worked out perfect. I paired them with wool hiking socks and they were toasty warm for the walk. My eyeballs froze but the feet were amazingly comfortable. It was also snowy out and I didn’t have single issue with moisture or traction.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I had worn the boots in cold weather down in the teens but this was the first time that I wore them in negative temps and they worked out as advertised.

What I Didn’t Like

Not much not to like about these boots. If I have to come up with something so I don’t lose my blogger card it would be this. While walking on slushy ground, such as a street that has been driven on, the slush can get inside the grooves of the tread. This causes the bottom of the boot to be essentially flat and can get slick. I have found myself toe tapping after walking through slushy area’s to clear those grooves and get my traction back.

I am not really sure how this can be fixed as it is more of a physics thing. When wet slush compacts into a space it kind of sticks there. That being said it has been an issue a time or two so I wanted to make sure that I mentioned it.

Final Thought

I absolutely love these boots and they have become the only boot that I wear in the winter. Having a really nice fit is the most important thing. The comfort level is high and lets be honest you could have the best boot but if it isn’t comfortable you wouldn’t wear it.

Since these are winter boots it is important to have three things: Traction, warmth, and waterproofing. Really high marks for warmth. They did great in negative degree temperatures. The waterproofing has worked out as well. I guess you really don’t notice the waterproofing unless it fails. I haven’t noticed it so it must be working! Finally the traction. The only concern on the traction is when you get into that slushy, melting snow stage. Walking in snow or on wet pavement has caused me no issues. No shoe or boot without traction support can walk on ice so that isn’t a complaint.

One note since this is mostly a hiking blog. I don’t wear these boots to hike in. They are strictly my everyday boots for around the city.

To be honest I wasn’t too familiar with Kodiak Boots before this pair and I think they have become my go to winter footwear from now on. The Moncton’s work like the old school duck boots but with so much more style. I can run errands around town all day in these boots and still feel comfortable to hit a restaurant in them and feel like I am looking my best.

Overall I would say that these would be a great buy and good boot to add to your winter city collection. Also, any excuse to put a cute puppy in a picture!

A cute puppy  chewing a toy next to my Kodiak Moncton Boots.
The Kodiak Moncton boots are puppy approved

Wrapping up Kodiak Moncton Boots

If you would like to learn more about Kodiak Boots, I had the chance to interview them for this article, Get to Know Kodiak Boots. I didn’t know much about them and wanted to learn a bit more. They have an amazing history in Canada and if anyone knows boots it is our neighbors to the north!

As of this writing on the Kodiak Moncton boots are on sale for $135.99 but prices are subject to change. If you are looking for special offers remember to check my Current Offers page!

If you have a product you would like me to review or any other comments or questions feel free to email me at You can also follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Happy Hiking!

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