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Product Review: Fox River Socks

Fox River Socks

There are a lot of brands of hiking socks out there and it can always be a challenge to find out what the best hiking sock is. I have tried four or five different brands and was going back and forth on which ones I liked. It was a little bit like Goldi-socks, this one too big, this one too cold, this one just right. I figured others were in the same boat and may not have heard of Fox River Socks yet. They sent me a few pair to test out and here are my thoughts on some specific socks, and my overall impressions of Fox River.

As a disclaimer I would like to mention that I have an affiliate agreement with Fox River and any purchase you make from this website may result in me getting a small commission. They also sent me these socks to review.  All opinions on this page are my own and based on my own experiences with these socks. I am not compensated for the opinions on this review. Your experience may be different.

The Importance of Hiking Socks

It took me way too long to figure out that hiking socks are one of, if not the, most important pieces of gear. I thought it was shoes until I got a brand new pair of good hiking boots and ended up with blister. My old cotton socks just weren’t up to the challenge. Finding wool and wool blend socks allowed me to go further and enjoy my hikes a lot more. Between the padding and the amazing ability of performance socks to regulate temperature, hiking socks brought a level of comfort that I didn’t know I could expect. Now I wear them every time I hike.

About Fox River Socks

Fox River has been making sport, outdoor and performance socks since 1900. They actually own their own mill in Osage, Iowa making them an American Made product. They also take a strong position on being an environmentally minded company and use many sustainable materials. You can learn more about their environmental programs and achievements here.

Fox River doesn’t just make socks either. They also make a large assortment of gloves, mittens, and hats as well. Check out for more information about the company and to start shopping.

Here is some information of the socks that I have tried so far on my hikes.

Merino Maxx Mx 1 Lightweight Hiking Sock

Me wearing the Fox River Maxx MX 1 Hiking Sock looking for the best hiking socks.  The sock is base grey with a black on the heel and top of the toe. The bottom of the toe box has a blue material and a blue stripe runs across the top of the ankle.
The Fox River Maxx Mx 1 Hiking Sock

The Merino Maxx MX 1 is a lightweight, crew cut (mid shin) hiking sock that I took out on a fall day that started around freezing and made its way into a warm afternoon. Here is a bit of information from the website about the sock.

  • Style # 2172
  • Price*: $22 usd
  • Sizes*: Small (Men 3.5-5.5 Women 4-6.5), Medium (M 6-8.5 W 7-9.5), Large (M 9-11.5 W 10-12.5)
  • Colors*: Light Brow/Heather, Grey/Heather, Black
  • Materials: 45% CoolMax™ Polyester, 26% Nylon, 22% Merino Wool, 5% Polyester, 2% Spandex
    *All information from and subject to change

My Thoughts – Warmth

This was the first pair of Fox River Socks that I tried and I really liked them. The day started out super cold, and below freezing and I was worried that the lightweight wasn’t going to be enough but it kept my feet warm the entire time. I also was surprised that even after it warmed up in the afternoon that my feet didn’t overheat at all. Even though they aren’t 100% wool, they still seemed to keep the breathability of a wool sock and the magical properties that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The foot section of the MX-1 was about twice as thick as the higher portion of the sock. This gave a great amount of padding and comfort on my foot. It wasn’t so thick that it made my foot feel cramped in the boot but just enough to give me a little extra padding. My first hike with these socks was about seven and half miles and I never once felt uncomfortable. The sock also stayed in place for the entire hike without sliding down my leg or bunching around the toes. Finally, there was no rubbing at all with the sock so I returned from my hike with no thoughts of blisters. All and all a really comfortable sock.


I mentioned briefly about how the sock stayed in place which is a sign of a good fit. One thing I would like to mention is that I wear a size nine shoe and that is low end of the large. The MX-1 fit well and my foot was in the right place the entire time although I was definitely at the low limit of where this large sock would fit on shoe. I might have been better off with a medium but I was right in the middle of the sizes. Overall it fit really well.


My favorite of the socks I have tried. I liked everything about this one.

Fox River Bilboa Medium Weight Crew Outdoor Sock

The next pair of socks I tried out were the Bilboa Medium Weight Crew. Unlike the Merino Maxx that I tried first, these were branded as Outdoor and not necessarily as the Hike/Trek Line. Here is some of the information directly from

  • Style*: # 2012
  • Price*: $20 usd
  • Sizes*: Small (Men 3.5-5.5 Women 4-6.5), Medium (M 6-8.5 W 7-9.5), Large (M 9-11.5 W 10-12.5)
  • Colors*: None listed on website but pictures for Grey/Grey, Black/Grey. Check website for updates
  • Materials*: 70% Merino Wool, 29% stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex
    * All information from and subject to change

My Thoughts – Warmth

The medium weight sock was perfect for a fall hike in the mountains. I paired the socks with a waterproof hiking boot but my feet did not get too warm. The breathability of the sock is really nice to keep my feet a really good temperature. As a medium weight sock there is a bit more thickness to it which helps keep the feet warm on cold days.


These socks fit me really well. There was no bunching or sliding of the sock in my shoe and the sock stayed right where it was supposed to be. I am a size 9 and might have gone with a medium as I am right between the sizes it seems but the large fit well on this one.


This is a really comfortable sock. It has added padding around the bottom of the foot and through the toes and heels which gave an extra layer of protection on my hike that was pretty rocky. They also use a spandex compression arch with this sock that makes sure everything stays where it is supposed to be and makes for a really comfortable hike.


I really liked this sock as well. I liked the extra padded area from heel to toe and the Spandex harness did a good job of keeping everything in place.

Fox River Trailmaster Medium Weight Crew Outdoor Sock

Another of the Outdoor branded socks from Fox River is the Trailmaster. This one had the highest level of Merino Wool of the socks that I tried. Here is a look at the Trailmaster directly from

  • Style* # 2099
  • Price*: $20 usd
  • Sizes*: Medium (M 6-8.5, W 7-9.5) Large (M 9-11.5, W 10-12.5) X-Large (M 12-14.5)
  • Colors*: None listed on website but pictures for Grey/Grey. Check Website for Updates.
  • Materials*: 75% Merino Wool, 24% Stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex
    *All information from and subject to change

My Thoughts – Warmth

The Trailmaster is a medium weight sock and is nice and thick. It is really warm on some of the colder hikes I have been on. What I liked was that the day I hiked for the video was actually really warm and my foot didn’t overheat even with being a thicker medium weight. It did a good job of regulating. Being 75% wool I would expect that result of being warm in the winter and cool in the spring and fall.


The Trailmaster is a nice thick sock which provides a lot of comfort. It is the heaviest percent of wool in Fox River Sock that I have worn which gave it a real bounce and cushion that was really comfortable walking on trails. I have been on rocks and hard packed dirt in these socks and they really do a good job of shock absorption. The high percentage of wool also makes it for a very soft feel against the skin. Plus, it wasn’t itchy at all which was a concern with older wool socks. The Trailmaster also did a really good job of wicking the moisture away from my foot so my foot stayed nice and dry and comfortable on the hikes.


The fit on the Trailmaster was on the big side. If you look at the video below you can see that the heel section is actually bulging around my Achilles tendon about 2 inches away from where it should be. I wear a size 9 shoe which is supposed to be the lowest size for the large sock but this one fits a little big. That being said the sock still wasn’t uncomfortable and didn’t slide around in my boot at all. If you have a size 9 foot you may want to go more for a medium in the Trailmaster.


A good sock that has a really nice thickness to it. It ran a little big for me but didn’t really effect the performance or comfort.

Fox River Tramper Medium Weight Hike/Trek Sock

Making my way back to the Hike/Trek branded sock is the Tramper Medium Weight Crew. This one is designed as more of a performance sock. Here is a look at the stats directly from

  • Style* # 2450
  • Price*: $16 usd
  • Sizes*: Medium (M 6-8.5, W 7-9.5) Large (M 9-11.5, W 10-12.5)
  • Colors*: Navy, Black, Grey
  • Materials*: 41% Merino Wool, 41% Acrylic, 16% Nylon, 1% Spandex
    *All information from and subject to change

My Thoughts – Warmth

These are really warm socks. I wore them on an unseasonably warm day in the fall in the mountains and I did get a little warm. In practice I wouldn’t really wear a medium weight sock on a day that was in the 60’s but the fall can be unpredictable, especially at altitude. That being said it wasn’t a situation where I was changing out socks half way through the hike. (Pro Tip: always bring a second pair of socks for your hikes in case one gets wet or uncomfortable).

The composition of this sock is a blend with 41% wool and 41% acrylic which is going to make it a little less breathable than a sock with a higher wool content or one without the acrylic. This lets the sock retain heat and will keep you warmer on cold winter days. I chose to wear them on a hot fall day and they did warm up a bit.


The Tramper is a really thick and comfortable sock. The hike I did while testing was very rocky and it was like I was walking on a couple of pillows. The sock added a thick layer of padding in addition to my boots to really make it feel like I was walking on air. If you read the fit section below you will see that the sock was a little too big for me. Even with that extra size and thick material the sock didn’t bunch in the boot or slide down my leg. Everything stayed exactly where it was supposed to be for a really comfortable hike that I really enjoyed. As I mentioned above the socks did get a little warm but they are designed to be a bit warmer so that is mostly my fault for the hike I took them on in the testing.

Me wearing the Fox River Tramper Hiking Sock.  The sock is noticeably big on my foot with some of the solid blue material sloughing near the ankle and top of the foot.  the size issue won't make these the best hiking socks.
The fit of the Fox River Tramper Hiking Sock was a little too big for me.


This is another one of the socks that ran big in my opinion. If you haven’t read the other sock reviews I am a size 9 which is the smallest size for the large and the sock is too big for my foot. If you watch the video below you will see that the heel section is a couple inches higher than it should be. So I would be better off with a medium in this size. That makes two socks that fit with a large and two that ran a little big. So if your foot is between an 8.5-9 you may want to order the medium of the Tramper and keep an eye on the other styles as well.

Even with the sock being too big for me it didn’t bunch or move around while I was on the hike and it wasn’t uncomfortable during the hike. As you can see on the video below the sock stayed up on my leg and didn’t run and was tight around my foot after a seven mile hike.


I thought there was a nice thickness to the Tramper which I really liked. The thick material led to a really comfortable hike especially in rocky conditions. This one also ran a bit big and I could have used a smaller size. The composition made this one warmer than the others with a little less breathability.

What I liked about Fox River Socks


As a “Hefty Hiker” who has also hiked over 1000 miles in rocky trails in Colorado, I put a lot of wear and tear on my gear. The Fox River Socks have done a tremendous job in holding up. I get them dirty, sweaty and they always come back like new. Despite all the miles the socks have kept their shape, kept there padding and kept the support that I am looking for.


Unlike the wool of old that needs to be hand washed and hung on the clothes line, the new generation of socks are machine washable and easy to care for. There has been no degradation that I have noticed from washing the socks over and over after hikes. And as I said before, the come back looking and feeling like new after each hike. Some of the other brands I have used get stiff, especially around the ankles, but not Fox River Socks.


Finally, while cost shouldn’t make every decision when it comes to comfort and safety it is very important. Fox River socks come in a few bucks cheaper than some other brands that adds up when you are looking for a good sock. They also have options of multi-packs and bundles which can save you even more money. The lower costs don’t mean a lower quality. The socks are some of the best hiking socks I have found and at a price I really like.

What I didn’t Like Fox River Socks

The only thing that I didn’t really love about the Fox River Socks won’t effect everyone. I am a size nine in footwear and that is the cutoff between a large and medium sock for FoxSox. What I found with two styles is that the size ran a little big. So when I got the large sock which was for size 9 and up, it was a little big on me and I would have been better off with the medium.

This wasn’t on every pair that I tried, but it did trend that way on two of the four styles I reviewed. Not a huge deal but if you are in that in between size area you might want to try a pair, or err on the side of a little smaller.

Conclusions on Fox River Socks

If you are looking for a pair of one of the best hiking socks at a price point that allows you to maybe get more than one pair at a time, then Fox River Socks may be the sock for you. They are a high quality and hold up really well. They use top tier performance fabrics in a sustainable way and they are made in Iowa. I would strongly recommend you try out Fox River Socks for your hiking and outdoor needs.

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