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Foot on Dirt

I hiked again this week. Something that three years ago would have been a meaningless sentence. Back before I found the outdoors. Today that string of words means the world. On a day that was unremarkable the remarkable happened. I took one step and then another. The sun on my skin and wind in my face. I took a step with my foot on dirt.

I have never known where this journey will take me. One step seems so insignificant. I can’t see the end of the road most days but each step gets me closer. I used to look at the world from 30,000 feet. Now I look a foot at a time but with that foot on dirt.

Me walking on a trail through the woods on a dirt path and my foot on the dirt.
Walking through the woods with my foot on dirt.

I inched up the trail faster than my mind thought but slower than my heart hoped. I was moving and that is what was important. Each inhale filled me with joy and hope. Each exhale expelled stress and anxiety. How far will this journey take me? I took a step with my foot on dirt.

It had been awhile waiting to heal, to get back to the trail. It felt even longer. I was giddy for the first time in years. My heart fluttered. I don’t remember swallowing the butterflies but the kaleidoscope took its place in my stomach. The warmth of the day was like a vacuum pulling me further up the trail. All it took was taking a step with a foot on dirt.

A picture of my feet walking on a mountain path.  There are big rocks and my foot is on the dirt.
Hiking in the mountains with a foot on dirt.

If you always wanted to, but never did. Wanted change but did the same thing expecting different results. Watched the world from a screen like I did. Trust me when I say you won’t know until you try. Screw it, I’m trying. You won’t feel until you do. You won’t know what you really miss until it is gone for a while. The journey will change you in ways, different for all, but you won’t find how until you take a step and place that foot on dirt. Trust your feet take you where they want to go. Take time to enjoy the journey while you can. Put your foot on some dirt and see how great it can be.

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