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Zazzy Cafe – Fort Morgan

Zazzy Cafe

The Zazzy Cafe is located just about a block off the main strip in Fort Morgan. Walking in, the Cafe was filled with a really cool vibe. There was a lot of art on the walls. People were sitting around debating classic movies of the 80’s and 90’s and it just felt really upbeat. It was the type of place that just felt good to walk into.

The interior of the Zazzy Cafe is full of art on the walls, bright signs, small intimate tables.
The inside vibe at the Zazzy Café

I had a chance to talk to the owners for a little bit and you could tell they were full of passion and really about creating some great food and a great atmosphere where everyone was invited. I really enjoyed the experience. But experience is only half the battle so lets talk about the important part…

The Food!

The menu at Zazzys is an assortment of many, many coffee and tea drinks, salads, soups, flatbreads, cold sandwiches and hot panini style sandwiches. I decided to go with what they call the One19 panini style sandwich. The One19 has ham, turkey, roast beef, pepper jack, swiss, cheddar, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, and grilled onions with a balsamic reduction. That was a mouthful and so was the sandwich!

The One19 sandwich from the Zazzy Cafe is stuffed with flavors like ham, turkey, roast beef, pepper jack, swiss, cheddar, mozarella chesses and grilled onions.  Served on a tray with a side of cucumber salad.
The One19 Sandwich from the Zazzy Café

I have eaten at a lot of places and this was one of the best sandwiches I have had. While there are a ton of ingredients, Zazzy uses a perfect amount of each. This meant that every bite had the flavors of each ingredient. I was never overwhelmed by one flavor or the other. Kind of remarkable with so much blending together.

The grilled sourdough was delicious with a little butter flavor as well. The red peppers and banana peppers were the perfect complement to the savory meats and cheeses. The balsamic reduction added a sweetness to the whole blend and it was great.

The sandwich came with a small cucumber salad. Thin strips of cucumber and diced red peppers in some sort of vinegar that almost gave it a flavor of bread and butter pickles.

I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and the café was great. If you find yourself in Fort Morgan looking for lunch, give the Zazzy Cafe a shot!

Finding Zazzy’s Cafe

The Zazzy Cafe is located at 119 W Beaver Ave in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Just about a block off of Main Street near the downtown strip. There is some street parking available in front of the café.

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