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Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza – Elizabeth

Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza

Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza in Elizabeth combines two of my favorite things, food and baseball! The inside of the pizza shop located on Kiowa Avenue in downtown Elizabeth was covered all over in baseball memorabilia. The menu was also all baseball referenced. I was like a kid in a candy…errr…pizza store!

The interior of Buzzard's Big Mouth Pizza with hardwood floor and brick. Every sign and decoration had some tie in to baseball in some way.
The interior of Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza with baseball references everywhere.

The Food!

Enough of the baseball, time to talk about the important stuff, the food! I decided to do a bit of a sampler but for some reason didn’t order the pizza. I started out with some chicken wings and followed up with the Kiowa Philly

A basket full of orange colored chicken wings with a thick layer of sauce on them from Buzzards Big Mouth Pizza
The chicken wings at Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza

The chicken wings were very meaty and thick. I got the hot sauce which had a nice kick to it but wasn’t overwhelming. There was plenty of meat on the bones and the wings were really good. Next up the Philly.

The Kiowa Philly Sandwich from Buzzard's Big Mouth Pizza is on long bread, toasted and cut in half. BIg pieces of onion and melted mozzarella cheese on top of roast beef.
The Kiowa Philly from

I will admit, I was pretty full because the wings were so big, but quitters never win so I pressed on. The Kiowa Philly has roast beef, mozzarella, onions and mushrooms. The bread was toasted and tasted really good. There was plenty of meat and cheese and the sandwich was really good. The onions were also very fresh and flavorful and gave the sandwich a little zest that I enjoyed.

I really enjoyed my stop at Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza and next time will definitely try the pizza! If you find yourself in Elizabeth, give them a shot!

Finding Buzzard’s Big Mouth Pizza

Buzzard’s is located in Elizabeth on East Kiowa Avenue (Colorado 86) just off the historic downtown of Elizabeth.

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