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Outdoor Retailer Summer Show Part 2

Outdoor Retailer

The Outdoor Retailer Summer convention just wrapped up and also wrapped up a run in Denver, Colorado as the show will be heading back to Utah next year. “OR” brings some of the best outdoor companies together to showcase their goods for their retail partners in one of the biggest expo’s of its kind.

I was able to snag a media invite to the convention this year and wanted to pass on a few of the things that I saw. Part two is a another look at some of the new or innovative products that made their way to the show this year.


Zoleo is the latest entrant in the SOS two way communicator business. After talking to the Summit County Rescue Group I have been in the market for one of these devices. The Zoleo device is a bit unique in that uses not only satellite but also cellular and Wi-Fi where they are available. This is big because it gives you the best chance of having a signal. It also uses the Iridium satellite network of 66 satellites which provide better world wide coverage than other networks.

The gray and neon green box of the Zoleo SOS communicator. The box is about the size of a deck of playing cards as it was displayed at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2022.
The Zoleo SOS 2-way communicator at Outdoor Retailer summer show.

Everything is driven though the app that connects with Bluetooth to your phone. Zoleo also gives each device a unique phone number so if there is an emergency at home while you are out of cellular range you can still get the message. The device itself is priced about half of what some of the leading competitors charge. You will also need to sign up for a monthly service plan. More information can be found at


I don’t do any climbing. Partly due to an injury and partly because it seems way to complicated. I can’t even imagine being 50 feet in the air and having to remember how to tie a knot in my ropes or trying to remember which carabiner to unhook. SkillZBoard has come up with the perfect solution to make people more comfortable before heading out on that climb.

The SkillzBoard trainer is attached to a wire display rack with wood blocks on top and bottom and ropes and carabiners connects the boards ready to test on at the Outdoor Retailer Summer show.
The adaptive SkillzBoard Training system on display at the Outdoor Retailer Summer show.

The board is designed as a training and learning tool. It can easily be set up over a door, on a tree, or really any sturdy surface as allows the climber to practice their knots, clip-ins and all the skills needed to scale a cliff. This tool would be perfect for someone just learning how to climb. I also talked to some friends who only climb a couple times a year and they said this would be great for the beginning of the season just to touch up on those skills so they didn’t have to think about them at height.

The SkillZBoard looks like one of those tools that could make the difference between a frustrating first climb and an excellent experience. For more information check out

Compass Carts

I have to admit when I first saw the Compass Cart I wasn’t sure of what I was looking at. I have seen hitch connected boxes before. Then when Todd the owner started the demo I got more and more excited. This box actually slides off the back of the hitch onto its own wheels and becomes a completely portable cart.

The Compass Cart system on the back of a truck and attached at the hitch. The box holds a mountain bike and is about the width of the back of the truck in a parking lot of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show.
The Compass Cart Displayed as a bike rack at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show.

Once the cart was off the trailer I noticed how well it was constructed. It is designed to be customized. A contractor could bolt a tool box and then wheel it around the job site. There is an L-bar that can be attached to the back of a bike to be a pull cart. Pretty much however you can imagine it working for you is possible. It was a really cool demo and cool new product. For more information check out

The Compass Cart on the ground and off the back rack. The racks two wheels are balanced and there is a strap inside the cart ready for the next thing to haul.
The Compass Cart off the rack and a fully mobile hard cart.


Waatr is a brand looking to solve the problem of finding drinkable water while on the trail. There are a lot of water filter options out there. A lot of them use an activated charcoal but Waatr takes a different approach and uses the power of UVC lights to purify the water and kill the bacteria. You will have to check this link on their website for a better explanation of the science. It is a bit over my head.

The Waatr booth with bottles along the wall and highlighted pedestals with the new PureMax 4d bottles in the middle at Outdoor Retailer Summer show.
The Waatr display at Outdoor Retailer Summer Show

The Waatr bottle and cap set up takes one minute to treat the water in the bottle and it is super easy. You just fill the bottle, put on the cap and tap the button on top and the light will work its magic. At Outdoor Retailer they were showing a new product the Puremax 4D. This filter system uses the UVC light to kill all the bacteria and then a separate coconut and charcoal filter to further filter out any small micro-plastics, microscopic metal and particulate fragments and more. Plus, the Puremax 4d comes in bigger sizes such as 25, 32, and 40 ounces. For more information on these water bottles check out


For all of you travelers, campers and #VANLIFE folks out there Klymit has the product for you. A reversable pillowcase, the Drift. Imagine being able to drag your pillow through the airport with the water resistant case, then within a few seconds and a few folds you now have the comfort of jersey cotton and a clean surface to rest your head on!

The Klymit reversable pillow case turned to the travel mode with the Ripstop cover facing out at the Klymit booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2022.
The Klymit Drift pillow case in travel mode at the Outdoor Retailer Summer show.

The outer shell is made of 70D poly ripstop fabric…which I had to look up. But the main uses for the fabric is for items like umbrellas, ponchos, tents, and sleeping bags. So you know it will hold up in the outdoors. The reversed layer is 100% Jersey Cotton which provides a nice soft sleeping surface. The case will fit standard queen-sized pillows but you will have to provide your own pillow. For more information visit

Eat the Change

The last product I want to highlight is for the families out there. Out on a hike it is important to have snacks especially if you have the kids with you. It is really easy to grab some candy bars or jerky but those aren’t the healthiest options over time. Eat the Change is looking to bring healthier natural snacks onto the trail.

A large banner with the logo "Snack to the Future" on it and the mushroom jerky and cosmic chews on display at the Eat the Change booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Show 2022.
The Eat the Change booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Showing off the Mushroom Jerky and Cosmic Carrot Chews.

Eat the Change offers plant based options like Mushroom jerky and their Cosmic Carrot Chews. The jerky comes in flavor like Teriyaki Ginger, Hickory Smokehouse and Maple Mustard. The Cosmic Carrot Chews come with fun names like Orange Mango Moonbeam and Apple Cinnamon Asteroid among others.

It is nice to have options with the snacks for the trail and Eat the Change is looking to add a plant based option to list. For more information check out

Wrapping Up Outdoor Retailer Summer Show Part 2

Another great Outdoor Retailer show in Denver showed a lot of new and exciting products coming to market. There are plenty of big companies that make it to the show but I love seeing some of the smaller brands trying to make a name for themselves and the companies really innovating and there were plenty of those to go around.

You can see Part One of my Outdoor Retailer Summer show coverage here. Also, if you are interested in my coverage of the Winter Show you can find it on my product reviews page. If you have a product or event you would like me to review you can email me at Or keep the conversation going on social media by following me on any of these platforms. Happy Hiking.

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