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Far View Terrace – Mesa Verde National Park

Far View Terrace

Mesa Verde National Park is so big that they threw a restaurant in the middle! About halfway down the main park road is the Far View Terrace. Far View is a combination restaurant, gift shop and coffee stand and was really busy when I stopped by. The name isn’t a misnomer either, the views from the Far View Terrace are expansive across the top of the mesa.

The view of the top of the mesa from inside the Far View Terrace in Mesa Verde National Park. The view shows some picnic tables and the mesa top.
The View from the Far View Terrace in Mesa Verde National Park

I was more hungry than in need of a break so it was right to the counter for me to find the important part.

The Food at Far View Terrace

The food at Far View is served in more of a lunch counter style. They have pretty standard pizza and sandwich options but then under the pizza menu I saw something interesting, The Navajo Taco. I had never tried a Navajo Taco before so that was the clear winner.

The Navajo Taco from the far view terrace. The taco looks like a plate of chili with lettuce tomatoes and sour cream on top.
The Navajo Taco from the Far View Terrace

The Navajo Taco had the look of a large glob of food on the plate…which wasn’t far off…but it was really good food. The “taco” starts with a base of fry bread which is then covered in beef chili. The chili is then topped with lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream and onion. It tastes mostly like a good red chili from the Midwest. The fry bread absorbed some of the chili but was also firm enough to slice into. That didn’t make the taco any less messy to eat! The chili had a good amount of beef and the toppings all mixed in really well.

Overall the Navajo Taco was a really good item for lunch. It was so much food I could only eat about half of it but it was still worth the stop. If you are around Mesa Verde, make sure to stop and check out the Far View Terrace!

Finding the Far View Terrace

The Far View Terrace is open for breakfast and lunch during the summer season at Mesa Verde. It is located at Mile Marker 15 in Mesa Verde National Park on Mesa to Ruins road which is the main road for the park. There was a pretty big parking lot on the side of the building and some inside and outside seating.

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