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The Tarabino Inn – Trinidad

The Tarabino Inn

The Tarabino Inn located in beautiful and historic Trinidad Colorado, is a 115-year-old Victorian influenced home that is now a cozy Bed and Breakfast offering select suites for the traveler looking for both comfort and a look back into history. I was invited to stay at the inn and really enjoyed my time there and wrote this review to share my experience and the Tarabino.

The sign in the front yard announcing the Tarabino Inn
The Tarabino Inn SIgn

The History

Six Tarabino Brothers left northern Italy and made their way to the Trinidad area in the late 1800’s. They originally came to work in the Engel mines but two brothers, John and Barney made their way to Trinidad and opened the Famous Department Store on West Main Street. The store became very popular. As John and Barney’s business grew so did their stature in the community. They decided to build a home together in a unique U shape. Completed in 1907, that home is now the Tarabino Inn. Brothers Luigi and Peter also built homes nearby.

Through the years the Tarabino Inn has been used for many things. A home, a funeral home and for the recent past, an inn or bed and breakfast. There are rumors that the Tarabino is haunted. Some say an old woman in a gown can be seen wandering the halls and the stairwell. Others think they smell cigar smoke in the library. The scariest thing I encountered was my own reflection in one of the many large windows throughout the home.


For those who have not been down to Trinidad it is a real hidden gem of southern Colorado. The town itself is full of history, including a walkable downtown strip of historic brick buildings. Plenty of local flavor is available with some excellent restaurants.

There are also some amazing recreational opportunities. Trinidad Lake State Park has camping and hiking trails available. Fishers Peak is one of the newest state parks in the state and continues to grow its trails but already has some amazing views of the towns tallest point, Fishers Peak.

Trinidad is also only two and half hours from Taos and some world class skiing but also has local skiing under an hour away. Trinidad is a great spot for a quick get away from the city or for a longer trip to camp and explore and no better place to stay than the Tarabino Inn.

Trinidad Lake from the state park.
A view of Trinidad Lake

Common Ground – First Floor

As you approach the Tarabino Inn you are immediately struck by the grand structure. A staircase leads up to the well manicured lawn and up to a second staircase that leads to large front porch.

A full view of the Tarabino Inn from the street. The Inn has a large area on either side with a sunken middle section forming a small U shape.
The Tarabino Inn as seen from the street

The concrete porch provides some wonderful sitting spaces and a perfect spot to take in the morning coffee.

A wraught iron table and chairs on the front porch of the Tarabino Inn.
A seating area on the front porch of the Tarabino Inn

As you make your way into the Italian Victorian style home, you will find yourself in a modest entryway. To the left is a door that leads to the dinning area. There is no meal service currently but a wonderful continental basket service delivered to each guest. So this room isn’t as active as it once was. I loved all the wood. From the trim, to the doors and the floor to cabinets just beautiful wood everywhere.

The dinning room of the Tarabino Inn. Three wood tables with chairs. Dark wood trim around the windows and moldings and dark wood cabinets.
The dining room of the Tarabino Inn

The front of the house opposite the dining room, is home to a sitting room equipped with a sofa and some chairs. The room is full of large windows for great light during the day and a very cozy spot to relax.

A sitting room with large windows, a sofa and chairs at the Tarabino Inn.
First floor sitting area of the Tarabino Inn

Across the entryway is a small library. This can also be used as a business center. There is a fireplace, sofa and some chairs as well as a printer. The library is full of books on the history of the area and other local reads. I did not ask about the book checkout process. Again, large windows provide excellent natural light. The library wraps up the common space on the first floor and is located right next to the first suite, the Garden Suite.

The library of the Trabino Inn with big windows, a book case covering the fall wall and a sofa.
The Tarabino Inn Library

The Garden Suite

Continuing on the first floor is the first rentable room, the Garden Suite. The Garden Suite has amazing light that comes through the first floor windows. As you enter the door off the first floor entrance way, you immediately see a queen bed with a small sitting area under a really cool old chandelier. The room was warm from the sun and so inviting with the rays of light stretching across the hardwood floors.

The Garden Suite Bedroom from the hallway. Large windows cover the walls with great light coming in the room. a queen sized bed and small sofa are in the room.
The Bedroom area of the Garden Suite at Tarbino Inn

The sitting are leads to one of my favorite parts of the Garden Suite, a small enclosed sun porch with views and access to the back yard.

The Garden Suite sitting area leading to an open door to ta sun porch lined with windows at the Tarabino Inn.
The Garden Suite leading to the sun porch

Balcony – Second Floor

As you make your way up the switchback staircase you find yourself at a landing that features access to the two suites on the second floor and a settee and nice little sitting area. The real feature of the second floor common area is the walk out balcony.

The second floor landing with a hardwood floors and a small setee with a coffee table facing a wall of windows at the Tarabino Inn
The second floor landing at the Tarabino Inn

The balcony is a really good size with some amazing views of the neighborhood and surrounding mountains. There is a main area with a small table and a couple chairs which are perfect for a morning coffee or an evening nightcap.

A small table and chairs on the concrete balcony of the second floor of the Tarabino Inn.
The second floor balcony sitting area at the Tarabino Inn

The balcony is a walkout and is a really great place to watch the sunset before heading in to one of the two suites on the second floor.

The second floor balcony of the Tarabino Inn. A cocnrete balcony that wraps around both bedrooms.
The second floor balcony of the Tarabino Inn

The Amati Suite

As you walk into the Amati Suite on the western side of the inn, you enter a large sitting room with a couch, a desk, coffee station, and a small television. Some large windows provide great light and views.

The sitting room of the Amati Suite at the Tarabino Inn. A sofa, wardrobe, desk and coffee setting all highlighted with large windows.
The sitting are of the Amati Suite of the Tarabino Inn

Making your way into the bedroom you find yourself in an incredibly cozy, dare I say, romantic bedroom with a four post bed and even more large windows that bath the room in natural light.

The sleeping area of the Amati Suite at the Tarabino Inn. The room has a four post bed with large windows a dresser with an oval mirror.
The bedroom portion of the Amati Suite at the Tarabino Inn.

The Sorrentino Suite

The Sorrentino Suite is where was my room and I think was the nicest of the Tarabino. Mostly because it was my room! The Sorrentino starts with a large sitting area with a couch and coffee table. A wardrobe in the corner contained the TV and some games including a chess set. A small desk was perfect for me to get some writing done and to devour my breakfast basket.

The sleeping section included a a large, really comfortable bed with night stands and a couple of dressers. There is also a table with a coffee setting for the morning caffeine fix.

The bathroom may have been bigger than my place in Denver. A large space with a table by the window, twin pedestal sinks and antique tub and shower setup. The shower was pretty amazing. I don’t geek out on the historical house stuff much but the tub really impressed me.

It was a great place for me as single traveler but there is a ton of room for more people. Every bit of the room was comfortable. The sitting area was perfect for after dinner. The desk was great for the work I had to finish in the afternoon. The bathroom was so cool in its history. Finally, the bed. The bed enveloped me and I was asleep moments after laying my head on the pillow. A really enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Third Floor

The third floor of the Tarabino Inn is a bit different. As you get to the top of the stairs there is a bedroom to right and the sitting room is across the hallway to the left. The bedroom has a queen bed, some small dressers and a TV. A window provides nice natural light that highlights the hardwood floors.

The sleeping area for the third floor suite. A queen sized bed, dresser, tv, and side light that brings in a lot of light.
The third floor bedroom at the Tarabino Inn

Across the hall in the sitting room you have a small sofa and chair with another window for natural light. When renting the third floor suite you have access to the whole floor and a great chance to spread out a bit in comfortable and cozy setting.

The third floor Sitting area at the Tarabino Inn.

The third floor also has a small concrete walkout patio, big enough for one or two people but with no seating areas. The views are simply amazing from this high up. Not only can you see the neighborhood but the surrounding cliffs and hills as well.

The view from the third floor balcony of the Tarabino Inn. The views of neighborhood and extend out to the surrounding hills around trinidad.
The third floor balcony view ofrom the Tarabino Inn

The Tarabino Experience

Staying at the Tarabino was a great experience. There is a house host who lives on site and is available to answer any questions. He even gave me some great tips on where to go for dinner and some local hikes.

Each room also receives a basket in the morning. The basket is a mix of fresh baked pastries, fresh fruits, and packaged snacks for your day of exploring.

A basket of fresh baked goods, banana's beef jerky an bottle of water and more from the Tarabino Inn.
The breakfast basket at the Tarabino Inn

I loved the feel of staying in an antique mansion. Everything was so grand. From the wood moldings, to the light fixtures there is a lot for those who love the history of buildings and things made the old way. Even the keys and locks are vintage! It has been a long time since I used any keys let alone a one hundred year old one!

An old metal key for the rooms at the Tarabino Inn.
The old style key for the Tarabino Inn

My stay was extremely comfortable and I really enjoyed it. For those who are looking for the “enchanted” experience of the house I have to say I didn’t see it. The century old wood can creek and a pipe may rattle at night. For some I am sure that would give the “enchanted” feels for those who believe. For me it was a reminder of when things were built by hand and made to last over 100 years. A throwback to craftsmanship and elegance.

How to Stay at the Tarabino

The Tarabino Inn can be found on Expedia, Hotels, and Airbnb websites among other lodging sites by searching by name Tarabino Inn. Make sure you make reservations in advance.

Finding the Tarabino Inn

The Tarabino Inn is located at 310 E. 2nd Street in Trinidad. There is parking on the street available in front of the building.

Wrapping Up the Tarabino Inn

The Tarabino Inn is a great place to stay in southern Colorado. Anytime you can stay in a 115-year-old house it is worth it. The history alone makes the time more of an experience. The experience is that of a first class accommodation. Making the Tarabino a perfect combination of comfort today and also a trip into the past.

I have added this inn and all of the inn I have been to on my interactive map that you can find here. If you have a suggestion for a bed and breakfast, inn, or hotel or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Happy Adventures!

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