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Trinidad Smokehouse – Trinidad

Trinidad Smokehouse

The Trinidad Smokehouse is located on the old downtown strip in Trinidad. When you walk in you are transformed into an old school steakhouse pub. The restaurant has wood floors and wood paneling on the walls. A nice wood bar and it just feels comfortable. It feels like it may have been in Trinidad as long as the town has been around feels like you stepped into a piece of history although I don’t think it is really that old.

The store front on Main Street is welcoming. As is the fact that the Trinidad Smokehouse is open until 10 pm Monday through Saturday and 9 pm on Sundays. After a late night of hiking it was nice to find a place that was still open and still serving great food.

The Food!

Speaking of the food, that is what we are all here for! The Trinidad Smokehouse has a large menu with appetizers, burgers and sandwiches, steaks and of course, barbecue. They also have a kids menu for the youngsters and a full bar for the young at heart.

After a long hot day I wanted something a bit cool to start. The side salad I order was cool and crisp. It was served with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and plenty of croutons. Also, this is proof that the Fatman does eat the occasional salad!

A crisp and cool side salad from the Trinidad Smokehouse.
The side salad at the Trinidad Smokehouse

The salad had to come on the side of something and that was a delicious ribeye! The ribeye was cooked well and was flavored well. It seemed to be a pepper based rub that they used as I could taste the pepper which was nice. I topped it with some sauteed mushrooms that had a rich buttery flavor. Finally, on the side I got the mixed veggies. The veggies were a mix of broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower that was heavily seasoned. They were good but I prefer my veggies with a little less season and bit more natural.

The ribeye steak topped with sauteed mushrooms and a side of mixed veggies at the Trinidad Smokehouse.

The ribeye topped with mushrooms and a side of veggies at the Trinidad Smokehouse.

Overall, it was a really good meal that was perfect after a long day of exploring. The steak was really good and I enjoyed the atmosphere as well. Plus, it was one of the few places open later in the evening to stop in for a nice meal. If you find yourself in Trinidad, give the Trinidad Smokehouse a shot.

Finding Trinidad Smokehouse

The Trinidad Smokehouse is located at 225 W. Main Street in Trinidad, Colorado. I found some parking pretty close to the front of the restaurant on the street. There may have been a lot close by but I didn’t see and found a good amount of street parking.

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