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Power on the Trail

Power on the Trail

While for some the outdoors is a way to completely unplug and get in tune with nature, more and more people mean more and more electronic devices are making there way to the trails and campgrounds. For those who need that extra power on the trail, there are some options available that will hopefully keep each trip to the outdoors safe and enjoyable.

Disclaimer: I was sent both of these items to test out and write about. I received no other compensation for my opinions and the opinions below are my own. You may have a different opinion or experience.

Scosche Power Up 32k Portable Power Hub

One way to make sure you have plenty of power on the trail is with the Scosche Power Up 32k Portable Power Hub. This is a great item to have if you are planning a shorter hike to a backpacking location. The Power Hub can charge multiple devices at once. It has a 110v AC output as well as a 30w USB-C input/output, a 20w USB-C output, and a 12w USB-A Output.

The Scosche Portable Power Bank with a plug in the 110 and usb chargers in use, providing power on the trail.
Power on the Trail – The Scosche Portable Power Bank in Action.

What I really enjoyed is that there is both a 110 and a USB power so it is easy to plug in a laptop to work on my blogs and also charge my cellphone at the same time! There is also a convenient LED battery indicator. Another nice feature is the built in LED flashlight on the front side of Power Hub. All of this is powered by a 32,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, nearly 8 times that of most new cell phones.

An Led Flashlight on the front of the Scosche Portable Power Bank
Power on the Trail – An Led Flashlight on the front of the Scosche Portable Power Bank

The only real concern I have with this device, and why I think it is better for shorter backpacking trips, is the weight. The charger weighs in at 2 pounds 2 ounces. It does come with a convenient carry case though! Plus, the Power Hub is only 6.1 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 3.8 inches tall so it won’t take up to much space.

If you are looking to power your camera, drone, phone, or game system the Scosche Portable Power Hub might be a good option.

Pale Blue Rechargeable AA Batteries

For those who prefer to bring batteries along with them, there is a new option that is better for the environment. Pale Blue has come out with a new set of rechargeable AA batteries with a convenient carrying case.

Rechargeable AA batteries from Pale Blue.
Rechargeable AA batteries from Pale Blue.

These rechargeables are unique in that they have a very fast 1 hour charging time and built to take 1000 charges. They also have a really cool charging system that uses USB-C. The port is in the top of the battery itself so there is no worry about losing a charging pedestal.

Rechargeable AA batteries from Pale Blue.
Rechargeable AA batteries from Pale Blue.

It is estimated that each year over 3 billion batteries are thrown away in America. Having a high quality rechargeable can help reduce battery waste and keep the electronics going. Pale Blue has batteries from AAA-9v available in rechargeables so plenty of options to help the environment.

Wrapping up Power on the Trail

It is important to stay safe and powered up when you make it to the outdoors. Having a properly powered electronic device could help call for help, have proper lighting on a dark path, or even just let the kids play a game or two. The Scosche Power Hub can help fill those charging needs at the end of a long day. Plus, the Pale Blue rechargeable batteries can help keep you powered up and help the environment as well. Both are good options before your next trip to the outdoors.

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