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Always Choose Adventures

For those of you who have followed along on my journey, you know that I love to be outdoors and do my best to try new adventures along the way. Adventures are great alone. However, some just work better with friends. That is why Always Choose Adventures is a great organization for me. It lets me be adventurous, try new things, and meet people to explore with.

Everybody is included with Always Choose Adventures. The “first timer”. The “never thought I could”. The “always wanted to but”. The “I need a little help”. The “weekend warrior”. The “professional explorer”. It doesn’t matter who you are or your skill and experience. There is something for anyone who decide to Always Choose Adventures.

The People

It can be a challenge to find people who share the same types of hobbies and the same schedules. My favorite part of Always Choose Adventures is the like minded people who are looking for some outdoor fun. I have been able to attend a couple of the events so far. They were filled with positive people who were just there to have a great time and support each other.

I met a great new hiking partner through the ACA. I can’t wait to continue to meet more and more people who just want to be outdoors enjoying themselves! My first two events have included enthusiasts from every age, skill, and ability level but everyone had an amazing time just enjoying the outdoors. If you are looking for group meet-ups, guided events, or even learning new skills you will be surrounded by people who are looking for the exact same thing!

The Events

I attended the first two events on the Always Choose Adventures calendar. A kickoff hike and an ice climb. Both were great and both had a completely different group of people.

Kickoff Hike

To start off the 2023 outdoor season, a group from ACA assembled at Chautauqua park in Boulder. We were joined by members of the Boulder City Open Space and Mountain Parks Rangers. The hike was an easier to moderate hike through the trail system. The Rangers stopped the group from time to time to talk about the history of the park, the unique terrain and environment of the Flat Irons in an entertaining and educational way. It was really a great time to get together as a group. I met new friends, and learned more about the parks that I like to frequent so much.

The Boulder OSPM talking about the Flat Irons with the Always Choose Adventures Group Hike.
The Boulder OSPM talking about the Flat Irons with the Always Choose Adventures Group Hike.

Lake George/11 Mile Canyon Ice Climb

The second group outing was an ice climbing event down in the Lake George area. This one tells you how much I enjoy the group because I can’t even climb because of an injury! I just had to go! I had so much fun at the first event I wanted to experience it all again!

Ice Climbing with Always Choose Adventures.
Ice Climbing with Always Choose Adventures.

The ice climbing was set up perfectly with equipment and instruction provided and experts to provide instruction to the climbers. Safety ropes were set up across the wall and members took turns climbing or belaying each other. The chilly day did nothing to cool the spirits of all who participated!

Ice Climbing with Always Choose Adventures.
Ice Climbing with Always Choose Adventures.

How to Join/Discount Code

Always Choose Adventures has a ton of events planned for the rest of the year and I will even be helping out on the Couch to Trail program. So if you are interested it is a perfect time to get signed up. It will help you stick with those New Years resolutions and let you meet some great people along the way! Here is a link to sign up, plus if you use the code FATMANLITTLETRAIL you will get 20% off!

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