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Brewha Bushwhack ’23 Preview

Brewha Bushwhack

I know it is hard to believe with snow falling seemingly randomly across the country but spring is just around the corner. The season of the outdoors. When the waters unfreeze and are open to kayaking, The snow melts and the trails open to hikers again. It is when the backcountry…well that pretty much does it’s own thing all year round. More importantly it is time for the Brewha Bushwhack! A festival to kick off the outdoor season with music, bushwhacking and a little brew as well!

What is the Brewha Bushwhack?

The Brewha Bushwhack is half party, half “race”, and throw in another half for meeting a bunch of awesome like minded people. It is put on by the folks at Pack Rat Outdoor Center in Arkansas and brings people together for some non-traditional events that test out a competitors primative and outdoor skills in a series of challenges. Not exactly a race in the traditional sense but more of a challenge for all skills. But don’t worry, there are still awards!

Another great aspect of the Brewha Bushwhack is the people. Everyone who attends is there because they either love the outdoors or are trying to learn more about the outdoors because they are going to love it soon! The event also brings in plenty of local breweries that help with the “Celebrating” and musicians to keep the party going. It is part competition, part party and a whole lot of fun.

The teams of competitors getting ready for to start the Brewha Bushwhack
Photo Courtesy Brewha Bushwhack

When and Where?

The 2023 Brewha Bushwhack is taking place on April 1st at the Byrds Adventure Center in Ozark, Arkansas. The competition is already full but you can still sign up for the festival and Kids Quest Event by registering now. For teams who have registered already, it is time to get ready to compete! Teams will navigate their way down the Mulberry River Valley and test your skills at Archery, Fire Building, Knot Tying, canoeing, climbing and repelling.

A competitor testing out his archery skills at the Brewha Bushwhack
Photo Courtesy Brewha Bushwhack

Even though the team registration is full this year it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do? You can still attend by registering for the festival portion and enjoy the music, food and adult beverages. This is great for first timers who want to experience the fun before signing up early next year! There is also still room and a special registration for the Kids Quest event so the whole family can enjoy the fun.

A band on stage as part of the Brewha Bushwhack festivities.
Photo Courtesy Brewha Bushwhack

Pack Rat Outdoor Center

Pack Rat Outdoor Center is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Last summer they won the prestigious Retailer of the Year award at the Outdoor Retailer industry convention. They are a single store started by Scott and Carolyn Crook in 1973. Since then, Pack Rat Outdoor Center has been a staple of the outdoor community in Fayetteville and help to supply all the adventurers of the area. You can read much more about the great story behind Pack Rat Outdoors here. Or just come to Bushwhack and meet some of the staff yourself!

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