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Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes Product Review

The convenient Mystery Ranch Zoid Cube to help stay organized on an Adventure

I am not a very organized person which really shows up with the amount of gear I usually have with me on a trip. I was looking for some smaller bags that would help me stay on top of my clutter and make finding things a bit easier. The Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes were the solution. I was sent a full set of three and ran them through their paces and here is my review.

As a disclaimer I would like to mention that I have an affiliate agreement with Mystery Ranch and any purchase you make from links on this website results in me getting a small commission. All opinions on this page are my own and based on my own experiences with these bags. This review is for general informational purposes. Your experience with the pants may be completely different.

Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes

Before I begin my personal experience with these bags, I wanted to give the specifics directly from Mystery Ranch. All of this information comes directly from the Mystery Ranch website and is subject to change.

According to the Mystery Ranch Website, the Zoid Cubes are described as, “Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, this cube set has you covered with three different sizes, so you have just the right amount of storage for your next weekend getaway.”


Small – $24.00
Medium – $28.00
Large – $32.00
Full Kit – $69.00


S: 6″x7.5″x6″
M: 6″x13″x7″
L: 7″x13″x10.5″
Full Kit: 19″x11″x3″


S: 245 cu-ins
M: 505 cu-ins
L: 885 cu-ins


S: 0.1 lb
M: 0.2 lb
Full Kit: 0.7 lb


Black (orange Trim), Del Mar (matching trim), Foliage (orange trim), Hunter (black trim)


  • 210D Hitra Robic nylon 
  • YKK® Zippers 


Carry-on or can be packed into a larger bag.



*All information from

What I Liked about the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes

There is a so much to like about the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes. They are small and extremely lightweight but still built really well. They are extremely durable and take a beating and have some nice design elements. But above all, the Zoid Cubes are perfect for keeping me organized. Here is a look at all that I liked about the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes.


When I got my Zoid Cubes they were completely flat and I couldn’t really see how big they were. Then I started filling them and they can hold a lot of gear! A perfect example is the large Cube which has 885 cubic inches of volume. What that really means is I could put a complete change of clothes including a pair of pants, two shirts, hat, socks and underwear with some room to spare. And these are hefty hiker clothes so plenty of space.

In the medium one I usually have a bunch of GoPro accessories and cables and the small one I have all of my little remotes and smaller items I take with me to film on hikes. Each size surprised me with how much they can hold. Plus, when they are empty they collapse back down to a small footprint so they can easily be stored themselves.

The Large Mystery Ranch Zoid Cube full with a set of clothes. Pants, 2 shirts, hat, socks, underwear.
Enough storage for full change of clothes in the Large Mystery Ranch Zoid Cube


I admit it. I am not very organized. Well I guess I am in some ways but not in the traditional sense. I stuff things in my backpack with little rhyme or reason. I figure as long as I have what I need that is as organized as I need to be. Not anymore! The Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes are the perfect size to help me stay organized on trips, at work, and on adventures. Having the full kit allows me to put a change of clothes in one cube, my camera gear in another, and smaller essentials in the last.

I really noticed how much easier these bags made my last road trip. My trunk was full and I always struggle to figure out where things are. With the Cubes lined up it was super easy to find everything I needed and grab the important things first. Now I am sure that many of you are much more organized than me. But I think these Cubes will help out even the most organized out there.

They are also really easy to collapse down so if you decide that you don’t need one, you can always tuck one away into another. Or you can bring them with you tucked into a pocket of a backpack and if you need one for say dirty clothes, you can easily pull it out and have everything in its place. I even take the smaller one to work so I never lose my headset! Overall, they just make a huge difference for me in making sure I am more organized on a daily basis.

The Medium mystery Ranch Zoid Cube full of all of my GoPro Gear.
Zoid Cubes Keep me organized with all of my gear.


A bag is only as good as it’s uses. This makes the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes really good. Having three separate sizes that are all incredibly light weight and easily collapse down to a tiny footprint give these packs a great amount of flexibility. I throw them in my trunk to keep gear organized on hiking excursions and road trips. I throw them in my suitcase to keep my bag organized and make it easy to grab things quickly when I am flying. The Zoid even comes to work with me on days I come to the office. Anytime I need a little bit of flexibility or help getting organized I use one of the Zoid Cubes. That flexibility makes these cubes very versatile and valuable.

The Small Mystery Ranch Zoid Cube at the office with a headset and all my work gear.
Versatile enough to take to the office.

Affixing and Carry Straps on the Zoid Cubes

One of the other things I really like about the Zoid Cubes is that they make it really easy to carry or affix to a pack. Instead of having a single strap that needs to be carried, the Zoid Cubes have several places that are loose around the banding. Just big enough to get some fingers or a carabiner through but small enough that they aren’t flapping or getting caught on things.

The design is actually really good on these straps as well because they are loose but as the contents shift the straps tighten up a bit so there is a very small chance to catch on something. But the strap can be big enough for clips and hands without pinching so you can combine several of the cubes together for easier transport. This is a really nice feature.

The strapping system shown on the small Mystery Ranch Zoid Cube makes it easy to cary.
Convenient straps to carry or clip.


Along with being unorganized I am also pretty hard on gear. I have a habit of throwing gear around and moving it from the trunk to the trail to the floor of my apartment and just kind of tossing it around in general. That made me a little concerned on the mesh top of the Zoid Cubes but they have held up really well. I was especially concerned about my bag that I carry all the small GoPro accessories. There are a lot of sharp angles and metal screws but they have done no damage at all the cubes.

All three Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes in the trunk.
I throw the Zoid Cubes anywhere, great in the trunk on a long road trip.

The next that I was curious about was the zipper. The material is so lightweight that I thought the zipper might be really small and lightweight too but that wasn’t the case. Each size of the Zoid Cubes has a a dual zipper system with nylon strings used to open and close the zipper. The lining of the zipper tread also looks either reinforced or double paneled but the tread is rock solid. With the flexibility of the whole cube I was worried the zipper track may flip or get out of line but it has worked perfectly each time. This seems like such a small thing but it is so important and I was really impressed with the zipper performance.

The large Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes filled with clothing. The bag is unzipped showing the firm zipper tread.
The thick zipper tread makes opening and closing the Zoid Cubes a snap.

What I Didn’t Like

While I mostly like everything about the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes, they will take my blogger card away if I don’t find something I don’t like. For me, I think the only thing that I don’t really like is that the cubes aren’t waterproof. To be clear they aren’t designed to be and actually have a mesh top to allow some airflow. But by not being waterproof it may limit the use of the Zoid while doing outdoor activities like camping. You will need to put the cube into a waterproof bag to keep the gear inside safe if you are out camping or something.

Again, they aren’t really designed to be waterproof but I can see someone making a purchase to take these out on a camping trip and wanted to make sure they were aware.

Video Review of the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes

I have also put together a quick video review of the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes. If you prefer videos feel free to give that a watch and if you enjoy it, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is free to subscribe and you will be the first to know when new outdoor content is available.

Wrap up of the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes

If you are like me and have way too much gear and little gadgets the Mystery Ranch Zoid Cubes are a great purchase. Or if you are super organized and love having everything in its place, these might be a good option. Finally, if you are totally unorganized, again like me, and need a little bit of help the Zoid Cube could be the perfect option.

I really liked them. I was skeptical at first when I saw how lightweight they were and how small they looked when they came flattened in the packaging but as soon as I got them out and started to use them I knew they were perfect for me. They have taken a beating and still made me much more organized. I use them all the time during my travels and even just going to work. So two thumbs up from this reviewer.

Highly Recommended.

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