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Review: Klean Kanteen Food Box

Klean Kanteen Food Box

Ever get to the top of a mountain and find your sandwich crushed in your pack? Or make it to the picnic only to have a bunch of plastic bags flying away from you in the wind? Maybe you just want to have a unique container to take the leftovers into work so people will stop grabbing the wrong paper sack and stealing your lunch. Well, the Klean Kanteen Food Box kit tries to solve all of these problems with its unique stainless steel boxes with silicone covers. The plastic free, dishwasher safe kits come in three sizes and help keep your food ready to eat anytime and anywhere. I was sent a kit and here is my review of the Klean Kanteen Food Box.

As a disclaimer I would like to mention that I was given the Klean Kanteen Food Box so that I could write this review. I also have an affiliate marketing agreement with Klean Kanteen. If you make a purchase from this page using a link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. All opinions on this page are my own and based on my own experiences with this jacket. I am not compensated for the opinions on this review. Your experience with the Jacket may be different.

From Klean Kanteen about the Food Box

Before I get into my review of the Klean Kanteen Food Box I wanted to let you know what they say about their product. Direct from the website, Klean Kanteen says, “Our complete set of Food Boxes is great for snacks, lunch, meals at school, work or play. With durable BPA-free, stainless steel and a food-grade silicone lid, Klean Food Boxes are plastic-free and easy to clean. All three sizes come with leakproof, press-fit lids with flexible corner for easy venting. Lunch and Meal size boxes feature snap-and-lock tabs”

Here are some more of the stats and details about the Klean Kanteen Food Box directly from their website.





The Full Kit comes with all three of the below sizes.

Capacity7 ounces (591 ml)
Weight3.9 ounces (109.4 g)
Size5.65″ L x 2.5″ W x 1.94″ H (143.1mm L x 63.5mm W x 49.3mm H)
Capacity20 ounces (591 ml)
Weight7.6 ounces (216.3 g)
Size5.87″ L x 5.75″ W x 1.97″ H (149.1mm L x 146.1mm W x 50.0mm H)
Capacity34 fluid ounces (1005 ml)
Weight10.7 ounces (302.2 g)
Size8″ L x 5.83″ W x 2″ H (203.2 mm L x 148.1 mm W x 50.8 mm H)


Stainless Steel base with multi-colored lids.


See Sizes


  • Snap-and-lock tab
  • Leakproof silicone lid
  • Flexible corner for easy venting
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and silicone
  • Electro polished interior
  • Won’t retain or impart flavors
  • Won’t shatter or rust
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Backed by our Strong as Steel Satisfaction Guarantee


Stainless Steel boxes with Food Grade Silicone Lids. Plastic Free.

All information from Check the website for full details and options.

Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit
Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit

What I liked about the Klean Kanteen Food Box

There is a lot to like about the Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit. The Stainless Steel is easy to clean and does a good job of protecting your food. The kit comes in three different sizes to keep all your food ready for the trail. Here is a bit more about what I liked about the Food Box.

Size variety

If you purchase the entire Food Box kit from Klean Kanteen it will come with three different sized containers for food, Snack, Lunch, and Meal Sizes. I find it really convenient to have these different sizes because not every outdoor adventure requires the same amount of provisions.

I use the snack size most often. It has a seven ounce capacity and measures roughly 5.65 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and just under 2 inches tall. This is perfect for nuts, beef jerky, carrot sticks and a whole lot more. Plus, the long and narrow size makes it easy to slide into a backpack.

The Lunch size is more square and fits a sandwich perfectly and that is exactly what I have used it for. You could also put some sides like a cut up apple or some chips or cookies in the box comfortably. The largest size, the Meal, has a capacity of 34 fluid ounces and is more rectangular in shape. I like to bring this with me on overnights. After cooking a dehydrated meal, I like to pour it into the Meal box because I always get my hand messy digging into those pouches after cooking the meals. I have also used the Meal Box to bring leftovers into work the next day and like that they don’t get crushed in my work backpack.

Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit
Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit


One of the big concerns I had about the Food Box was that they would be too big to fit comfortably into my pack. Afterall, steel isn’t the most flexible thing you can pack in a pack. I found the opposite to be kind of true. I like the way that the Snack box fits into my pack. It is long and narrow and can usually slide in somewhere pretty easily.

The Meal and Lunch boxes are a little more squared off and bigger so they need a bit more space. What I found though is that have a low vertical profile which makes it easier to fit into a pack than something that is taller. The low profile makes it so that these boxes don’t push on the sides of the pack and instead can usually slide vertically down into the larger pockets.

Of course I am more of a hiker so I am looking at this as it fits into a backpack but if you are just looking for a picnic you shouldn’t have any problem getting the boxes into a basket.

Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit
Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit

Ease of Cleaning

With Stainless Steel the clean up is always a little bit easier. I have found this to be true with the Food Box as well. More often then not I am able to clean the box with a damp paper towel when I am out in the field. Then I can keep the towel in a trash bag to be packed out. When I get home from my trip, I can throw the Food Box into the dishwasher or do a bit of a hand wash and they are fresh and good to go for my next trip.

The other thing about cleaning the Food Box that is a big deal if you are camping or hiking is the lack of waste. Most places are pack in and pack out for trash. It is nice to not have all the additional wrapping materials like plastic bags and wrappers. You can throw your food in the Food Box then pack that back into your pack on the way out and not have to worry about pieces of plastic blowing away and littering the outdoors.

Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit
Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit

Food Protection

How many times have you gotten to peak or picnic and opened up your backpack to find your PB&J crushed in your pack and reduced to a messy goo? Maybe its just me but I know on more than one occasion the bags I use for my food end up stuck under something heavy in my backpack and then its like eating a Jackson Pollack painting. Peanut butter here, jelly there and I’m just left with the sticky.

This might be my favorite part of the Food Box on a hike. No more crushed chips, no more popped plastic bags and leaking through the interior of my pack. The steel box and silicone top have an excellent seal and are strong enough to resist weight pushing down on the food inside. My sandwiches come out fresh and normally shaped. My chips are still crisp. Everything is exactly how it is supposed to be when I get to sit down and have my lunch.

Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit
Klean Kanteen Food Box Kit

What I didn’t Like

I liked most things about the Klean Kanteen Food Boxes but they will take my blogger card away if I don’t find something I didn’t like. For me the only thing I really didn’t like is the weight of the boxes. Granted these aren’t really marketed to the ultralight or lightweight hiking community. So they aren’t really supposed to be super light. But they are obviously going to be a little heavier than wrapping a sandwich in plastic bag. For those who are going on extremely long treks that might be a concern. Most will weigh the additional ounces in a pack versus the organization and protection the Food Box provides. Then, make the decision based on their best needs.

Video Review of the Klean Kanteen Food Box

I have put together a quick video review of the Klean Kanteen Food Box for those of you who like to videos. If you enjoy the video make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. It is free and you will get updated for all of my outdoor content.

Wrap Up of the Klean Kanteen Food Box

I really like the Food Box Kit from Klean Kanteen. I found it convenient to use and it does a great job of keeping my food protected during a hike. The Food Box also reduces waste in the outdoors and is super easy to clean. There is a bit of weight to the steel so it might not be perfect for ultralight or long hikes. However, for those of you looking to bring snacks on a hike or camping trip this is a great option.

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