Matthews Winters Park

As those avid readers of this site know, I wasn’t too excited about my last hike to Mt Galbraith and said there wasn’t a “wow” moment. Well today’s hike was loaded with “wow” moments. To start the hike isn’t too difficult and I think it could be handled by most skill levels. The paths are mostly wide and well packed dirt and while there is elevation gains, they did not seem as steep as some I have dealt with lately. The path I took was Village Walk Trail – Red Rocks Trail – Cherry Gulch Trail – Morrison Slide Trail and then looped back to the Red Rocks Trail. The Morrison Slide Trail is absolutely amazing. It puts you on a ridge looking down the front range and above Red Rocks and was absolutely my highlight of the trip. Here is me telling you that in this weeks edition of “Last Words”

Here are some pictures from today. Hope you enjoy.

A side note, early on during the hike there is a historical site you can visit. The Mount Vernon cemetery has two stones left. I only got a picture of the one above because it kinda freaked me out but was also a humbling moment as well.

After the hike I went to Willy’s Wings in Morrison and got some hot wings. If you are around Morrison give them a shot.

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