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Willy’s Wings – Morrison

I went to Willy’s Wings after my Matthews Winters Park hike and it was delicious. They offered wings and other assorted items including one of my favorites from my Midwest days, Fried Mushrooms. I got wings and an order of ‘shrooms and they were delicious.

They did offer a weekday special of 10 wings, fries, and drink for 9.70 plus tax. What I liked about Willy’s is they cook each order of wings to order from scratch so it takes 15 minutes or so but the food is super fresh. Plus they have been around since 1982 so you know the food is good.

I got the “hot” wings and it was plenty spicy. They do offer x hot and xx hot for those a bit bolder than me. If you are ever around Morrison give these guys a shot.

Chicken Wings and Fried Mushrooms from Willy's WIngs in Morrison, Colorado

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