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The Devils Tower

Devils Tower

The next stop on my “Stretch My Legs” tour was the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. I had this planned out perfectly to show up right around sunset and have a magical photo op. Mother nature or possibly the Tower itself may have had other ideas as it wrapped up in a foreboding cloak of mist and fog.

The Devils Tower in Wyoming half enveloped in clouds.  The bottom half of the tower is visible while the top disappears into the gloom.  Trees line the foreground under the tower.

The Path

The hike to and around the tower is very easy. It is a completely paved path that carves out a spot between the woods and the rock base of the tower. There is a pretty decent up hill climb for about 100 yards to get to the base. Most everyone should be able to enjoy this national monument. For those of you who don’t know this is what the tower is supposed to look like on a clear and sunny day.

An image of the tower on a bright and sunny day.

The Fog

My experience was much different. The weather kept most people away and there were only a handful of us who made the walk. There was a quietness that hung with the mist in the thick air. Through the damp gloaming the tower seemed to almost breath. The clouds of fog passed by leaving it once visible and then hidden again. Like all at once it was telling a secret and then taking it back again. It added to the sense of mysticism that has surrounded the tower for years.

Apparently everywhere that I go, deer like to show up and Devil’s Tower was no different.

Overall Devil’s Tower is very cool place to go. If you are there when the sun is out and you can see it in all its glory that is cool. If the weather isn’t perfect, well you may have a completely different experience with totally different emotions tied to it as well. Either way it is definitely worth a trip.

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