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Olga’s Eatery – Bailey

After my Ben Tyler Trail hike, I needed some food. According to Google, the closest place was Olga’s Eatery in Bailey. Now I actually drove by Olga’s twice before I found it. They are located on Bulldogger Road after the Loaf and Jug and before the Dollar General. I was looking for a shop and it was a trailer. There sign said that they are open Wednesday – Saturday from 12pm to 5:30pm. I admit I was a little nervous but ordered anyway. Olga’s has a smallish menu. Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Fried catfish and Hot dogs. They also had a handful of sides to go with the meals.

I ordered the Chicken meal with a side a fries. Holy cow, this chicken was so good. I could only eat 2 pieces and brought the rest home. The breading was crisp but light. It wasn’t overly greasy like some fried chicken that I have had. The chicken was tender and fell off the bone with each bite. It was really good. The fry pile filled up a second container. The fries were soft and flavored really well.

When I told Olga I was eating in the car, she asked if I would swing back over and let her know how it was. I was worried at first but after tasting the food I was happy to chat with them a bit. I talked to John (I think, I’m terrible with names) who was working in the truck with Olga. He told me about a special menu on Fridays where they smoke ribs and have a Ribs and Chicken Fried Steak special. Which of course means I will have to make it up to Bailey on Friday soon.

They were a great couple of people and I really enjoyed my time chatting with them and the food was really good. They also told me that they will soon be adding some outdoor tables and a tent for people to eat at. Without further ado, here is a picture of the food.

Fried chicken and French Fries from Olga's Eatery in Bailey Colorado

As I was leaving John told me about how popular their beans are. He said they were a bit hot for him but they gave me a taster. Now full disclosure, they did give me the beans for free. They were really good. They do definitely have a kick. What I liked most about the beans is that they are more like red chili than a baked bean. From tasting them I think that they have some celery, jalepeno’s or another pepper chopped in them and some other things that I couldn’t identify but they mixed together really well.

So while I was a little hesitant to try Olga’s when I saw it was a trailer, I was quickly won over by how good the food was and how nice the people were. I know I will try them again. If you are ever in the Bailey area give them a shot.

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