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After the Flying J Ranch hike I made my way into Conifer to find a place to eat. The Conifer Cafe immediately peaked my interest. A little background on cafe’s and diners. Every time my ole Pappy would be come visit me or be in town for business we would seek out a diner or old school cafe. There is just something about a diner that you know the food is going to be good and your cardiologist is going to send another child to college. So when I saw the sign for Conifer Cafe that said “your local diner” it checked 3 boxes for me. Local. Check. Cafe. Check. Diner. Check.

The cafe is not at all “divey” as some of the diner’s I have been to. It was a nice clean restaurant in a nice shopping area. They did have a small bar that looked into an open kitchen and that was the diner feel I was going for. It was relatively busy for 10:30 in the morning but they were on top of it today. I had a waitress and a couple other staff members help me out by filling my ice tea several times. The service was really good from my perspective

The important part, the food. I ordered the Jalapeno-Elk sausage omelette and substituted the biscuits and gravy for the toast. As you can see the omelette was overflowing with sausage, peppers and onions. The sausage itself wasn’t too spicy despite the jalapeno mixed in but instead gave it a good peppery flavor. I haven’t eaten much elk but to me it had almost a sweet taste to the meat and was really good. The way the subtle sweet of the meat mixed with the subtle spice of the jalapeno was a nice mix. The eggs were fluffy and cooked well. One thing that I have to mention, and I liked it so much to actually give it a bonus picture, was how fresh the vegetables were. Some peppers fell onto the plate and I couldn’t believe the color they still had even being in the omelette. It was nice to see such fresh ingredients.

The brightly colored bell peppers that spilled out of the omelette at the Conifer Cafe

The biscuits and gravy were also good. The gravy had large chunks of sausage instead of smaller crumbles throughout. My one complaint was that there was a bit too much gravy on the plate. The gravy pretty much drowned out the biscuit so all I could taste was gravy. I think that was a mistake on their part as I heard the guy running the kitchen tell one of the cooks to “go easy” on the gravy so I don’t think that is how much is usually on the plate. Also, this is probably the only time you will hear the Fatman say anything negative about too much gravy!

I really enjoyed my brunch at the Conifer Cafe. The food was really fresh and cooked really well with some nice complimenting flavors. The staff was super helpful and very nice and I would definitely go back again. If you find yourself in Conifer give these guys a shot. Just a reminder that I now have an interactive map to help you find the restaurants and hikes mentioned in the blog. You can find the map here.

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