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Blackbird Cafe and Tavern – Evergreen

After the O’Fallon hike it was still early but I found the Blackbird Cafe and Tavern open. They are located on Rte 74 just down the road from the park and listed as Evergreen but it seemed closer to Kittredge.

From the outside the Blackbird doesn’t look like much but really surprised me! It is a one story building that I saw was over 100 years old and they are open from 8 AM to 5 PM during the week (closed Wednesdays) and open until 9 PM on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

I asked to sit outside as it was a lovely morning and was very impressed with the table. They had a small patio with a couple tables on it but to help with social distancing they had 8ish tables in a grassy area behind the restaurant.

My table was under a giant tree about 20 yards from Bear Creek. I could not of asked for a nicer setting for a brunch on a beautiful summer day. Even though it was a warm day, the shade from the tree and a nice breeze made it very comfortable for lunch. Here are some shots from my table.

The brunch menu had a good selection of breakfast foods like Benedicts, omelettes, and traditional fare and also had some sandwiches, salads, and burgers. Keeping with my tradition of trying to order specialty dishes on the menu I decided to go with the “Turkey Creek” which was dubbed as a Blackbird staple.

The sandwich was roasted turkey breast (sliced), with avocado, bacon, Gruyere cheese, lettuce and tomato, with a honey Dijon sauce on fresh baked bread. Yep it was as good as you are thinking.

The "Turkey Creek" sandwich from the Blackbird Cafe and Tavern.  Turkey breast, avacado, bacon with a side of wafle fries.

So many flavors it was hard to pick my favorite. The honey-Dijon was probably the strongest flavor that came through at the start but it was replaced with the savory turkey. The avocado was more of a cream than slices and helped hold the sandwich together. I never really got too much of the flavor of the bacon but it gave a nice crunch to compliment the smoothness of the avocado.

It was a really well constructed sandwich with each flavor, either sweet or savory, complimenting each other as well as the different textures with similar compliments. I would highly recommend this sandwich.

Well if you find yourself around the Evergreen/Kittredge area I would recommend the Blackbird cafe. If nothing else the setting is amazing and then the food was so nice it made me forget I was sitting in such a great spot.

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