Rocky Mountain Wraps

I have driven by Rocky Mountain Wraps on several of my hikes in the Conifer and Evergreen area and finally had some time to stop in. They were doing some great social distancing and you would order at a window and they would bring the food outside to you. There were some tables set up outside to eat but masks were required to order and the staff had masks the whole time.

I decided to get a traditional gyro for lunch today and ordered a side of fries to go with it. The gyro was good. There was a good amount of the meat included in the wrap and it was flavored well. The sauce and onions were good as well.

My only complaint with the gyro was that they added a bit too much lettuce for me. They had plenty of meat in the wrap so I didn’t think that it needed the extra lettuce to fill the sandwich but it did make for a very large wrap. Also, let’s be honest, you don’t get the name “Fatman” by eating a lot of lettuce so others may find it OK.

The fries were good and had the perfect amount of salt. I didn’t even open the ketchup packets because they were good enough on their own.

The gyro wrap and fries from Rocky Mountain Wraps in Conifer, Colorado

Overall it was a good sandwich and I finished it all. I really want to try their Chicken Caesar wrap that was listed and that might be my next trip. If you find yourself in the Conifer area, give them a shot.

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