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Adriana’s Mexican Restaurant – Franktown

After my second trip to Castlewood Canyon I finally had a chance to grab a bite. The first trip was really early in the Covid world and all the restaurants in the area were closed. I had my eye on Trying Adriana’s which is on the corner of HWY 86 and HWY 83 in Franktown. I was told that they have been around for 8 years as a small business in the spot.

Adriana’s is still doing take out only and I started my meal in the back of my car but a seat opened up at some outdoor tables so I was able to eat my main meal there.

I started with some chips and salsa and they explained to me that there was a charge for this item now. We had a great chat about how if you go to a Chili’s they don’t just set down a plate of fries to snack on until you decide on food. The salsa was good. It was on the thinner side but was thick enough to eat while sitting on the tailgate of my car without spilling any (a feat for the Fatman!). It had a real nice spice to it wasn’t overpowering in its heat and was just a nice refreshing appetizer after the hike.

Chips and salsa from Adriana's Mexican restaurant in Franktown.

For the main course I went with the steak chimichanga. I ordered it spicy as that was an option as well. It came out with green chili but not quite smothered, which is good because I like to see what I am eating with a side of rice and beans as well. The steak was really good and still had some firmness to it and was flavored really well. I believe the spice came from the green chili which did have a pretty good kick to it. It actually had my nose running a touch from the spice and if you ever want to clear a room during Covid times, just rub your nose while eating! (I jest, it did have a good amount of spice but I didn’t clear the room)

Overall I really enjoyed this. I didn’t get a chance to try the beans as I was way to full after the Chimichanga but they looked pretty good. If you find yourself in the Franktown are you should give them a shot.

I have added this restaurant and all restaurant on my interactive map that you can find here. If you have a suggestion for a hike or restaurant feel free to email me at or you can follow me at any of the below social media channels.

Steak Chimichanga from Adriana's Mexica Restaurant in Franktown.  It comes smothered in Green chili with rice and beans on the side.

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