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Bucksnort Saloon – Pine

After a long hike to the Chair Rocks I finally made it to the Bucksnort Saloon. One of my earliest hike I met a nice fella named Henry who told me that I just needed to go to the Bucksnort and I have tried but it is always so busy on weekends that I haven’t been able to make it in.

The wood cabin exterior of the Bucksnort saloon

Well today I finally made it and let me tell you it felt the I was finally home. Over the course of this blog I have been to about over 50 restaurants and they have all had their charms but this was the back road haven I had been looking for all along.

The outside has the feel of a log cabin that has been serving food for over 100 years because that is exactly what it is! They have been around for a long time so you know they must be doing something right.

When I walked inside I was greeted by the amazing smell of a wood fire burning in the stove in the center of the main dining room. The walls were papered with dollar bills marked with names, dates, and locations of the lucky many who have made their way in.

The few pieces of wood that were not covered were carved with initials and messages. I sat wondering how many countless patrons have been through these doors over the last century.

Sadly I was also told that the doors would have to close due to Covid restrictions on Friday. Hopefully this will be a very quick shutdown and the Bucksnort will be back to its revelry soon. I know I will be making a stop in when the doors open again.

But you all don’t read this to hear me gush about my small town food Mecca’s, you want to hear about the food! Well as my custom I asked what they were known for and was told the Buck burger is the most popular item.

The Buck Burger is 1/2 pound of ground beef hand pressed on an onion roll with cheese. Tomato, onion and lettuce came on the side.

The buck burger from the Bucknort saloon.

The best compliment I can say about this burger was that it tasted like a hamburger my pappy may have grilled when I was a kid. Each bite was like a memory that got better and better. It wasn’t a frozen or pre made patty. It was put together by hand and tasted like it was grilled on a wood fire or charcoal grill. Delicious.

I really enjoyed this burger and am only upset that I didn’t make it to the Bucksnort sooner. Now, unfortunately, they are closing up but hopefully they will be back soon and we can all enjoy the burger again. Make sure you check their webpage and Facebook page for updates.

Finding the Bucksnort is part of the fun! It is on S. Elk Creek road. South Elk Creek is a mix of 2 lane paved and 1-ish laned sorta paved road that stretches from 285 to Pine Valley Road. The drive through the canyon is pretty amazing if you take it all the way to Pine past the restaurant.

If you find yourself in the Pine area or have spent the day at Staunton I highly recommended taking the trip to the Bucksnort when they open back up. Some great people, great food and great atmosphere in a restaurant that is over 100 years old!

I have added the Bucksnort and all of the restaurants I have been to to my interactive map that you can find here. If you have any suggestions on where I should eat or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me at any of the below social media platforms. Bon Appetit!

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4 thoughts on “Bucksnort Saloon – Pine”

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  2. Glad you made it to the Bucksnort! Keep up your great hiking journey, and reporting the fun facts both hiking and dining!!
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Henry and Lisa Austin

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