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Fatman’s 2020 Favorites: Restaurants

We have come to the end of 2020. When I was in the working world this when I would have to do performance reviews. I figured it might be a good time to look back and do a bit of a review of the Fatman Favorite restaurants of 2020.

I stopped at over 50 restaurants this year and they were all amazing. Hopefully you all get a chance to visit as well. Here are some of my favorites over the last year.

Favorite Atmosphere


The Bucksnort was one of my favorite places to visit. I tried a couple of times but finally made it on the last day they were to be open due to the virus shutdowns.

The Bucksnort is a historic restaurant that has been around for over a hundred years. It still has that amazing old feel to it. From the wood burning stove and fireplace to the names carved in the table and dollar bills on the bar every thing screams authentic.

This was definitely one of the favorite places that I got to visit this year. I can’t wait for them to open again soon so I can come back and visit over the next 100 years.

Favorite Side Dish


Even with my GPS on I missed Olga’s the first time that I tried to find it. Olga’s is a small food truck with big flavors and turned into a great time. I tried to go a second time when I was in the Bailey area but the line was 10 deep!

Olga’s wins for my favorite side dish of the year. The beans that I got were closer to a chili than a baked bean. They had a tremendous spice to them with bits of jalapeno and celery mixed in. This is one of those dishes that I have thought about on random hikes. Like in the middle of a hike in Colorado Springs I start thinking of taking the really long way home and stopping off in Bailey! So good.

Olga's food truck in bailey

Favorite Dessert

Murphy’s Mountain Grill

Technically this is a milkshake which may or may not count as a dessert. This was sell your first born child good. I give you the “Dirty Dawg”. Vanilla Ice Cream. Chocolate Chip Cookie. Carmel. Malt Powder. Chocolate sauce. Candied Pecans.

Dirty Dawg Milkshake from Murphy's Mountain Grill

Favorite Burger

Buffalo Rose

The Buffalo Rose had a bit of an unfair advantage as they combined two of my favorite foods, burgers and breakfast food. The Breakfast Burger was a burger with bacon and a fried egg on it. Can’t do much better than that!

The Breakfast burger at the Buffalo Rose

Favorite Breakfast

Parkside Cafe

I don’t get the chance to have too many breakfasts but when I do it is a special treat. My favorite breakfast of 2020 was at the Parkside Cafe in Evergreen. They did a nice twist on corned beef hash by leaving the hash part out of it.

Instead it was a couple slices of corned beef with eggs. The corned beef was great and the patio is a great environment.

The Corned beef and eggs from the Parkside cafe

Favorite Outdoor Space

Blackbird Cafe and Cabin Creek Brewing (Tie)

For my favorite outdoor space we have a tie. The Blackbird Cafe in Evergreen has a great outdoor space in a grass lot behind the restaurant. There are large trees and a river flowing and it really is a an amazing space.

The back patio at the Blackbird Cafe in Evergreen

Cabin Creek has a wood deck overlooking the lake in Georgetown. It doesn’t get much better than overlooking the water surrounded by mountains for a lunch after a hike!

The back patio overlooking the lake at Cabin Creek Brewing

Favorite Mexican Food

Carlos Mexican Grill

I ate at a lot of Mexican restaurants over the last year. There were so many good ones it was hard to narrow it down to my favorite. I decided to go with Carlos Mexican Grill because they made a wonderful guacamole tableside.

The food was also really good and plentiful and I was very hungry after a challenging hike. The steak taco’s were top notch.

Favorite Appetizer

The Skinny Taco

The Skinny Taco was a runner up for best atmosphere. Anytime a restaurant is actually an entire town you know it has some great stories! It was a great place to eat and I really enjoyed my time there.

The queso gets my award for favorite appetizer of 2020. The homemade chips might have won this category on their own but when dipped into the creamy goodness of the queso it was a clear favorite. The queso has a nice spice to it and its topped with cilantro and was really delicious.

The queso from The Skinny Taco.

Favorite Coffee Shop

The Left Hand Stand

The Fatman doesn’t actually drink coffee because he heard it could stunt his growth. That being said, the Left Hand Stand was one of my favorite places to stop all year. It is a small stand on Left Hand Canyon road right outside of the Brainard Lake Recreation Area.

They sell home made pastries and large selection of snacks and, of course, coffee! The owner was great and I really enjoyed spending some time talking with her. The neighbor was there playing guitar with his awesome dog.

It was just one of those really cool experiences and places that everyone should stop if you get the chance. Make sure to click the link to hear some of the musical styling of the neighbor, Bear!

Wrap up

Well there you have the Fatman Favorite restaurants of 2020. Make sure to check my Food page if you are looking for a great local place to eat close to your hikes. Visiting these places have really made this journey worth it for me this year.

I have met so many cool people and heard some great stories in these restaurants. Sometimes I just sit and wonder what stories the walls would tell if they could. The chains are great but the real feel of a town come from these places and hopefully they can all make it through these virus restrictions.

Make sure you check back this week for the rest of the Fatman Favorite series. They will also be in the Thoughts page for future viewing.

If you have any suggestions for places for me to visit or any comments feel free to email me at You can also follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Happy Hiking!

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  1. Thanks for all your entertaining trail / food reviews!!
    You are the MAN!! We need to hit OLGA’s soon!
    Keep hiking & dining FMLT!
    Your trail pals, Henry and Lisa Austin

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