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Four Peaks Brewery – Tempe

Four Peaks Brewery

After hiking the Mormon and National trail loop and giving Fat Man’s Pass a shot I was pretty hungry. I asked a dozen people along the trail what was one place I had to try in Arizona and they all told me the same place, Four Peaks Brewery.

There are a couple of locations for Four Peaks brewery but I made my way over to the Tempe Location. A couple quick notes. Riley, who helped me, was awesome. Extremely friendly and professional! Second, here is how dedicated Four Peaks is to cleaning and disinfecting. I got up to go to the restroom to wash up after putting my order in and by the time I got back my table had been completely cleared and disinfected! Their employees take that serious.

The Appetizer

I started with the AZ Chicken Rolls as Riley told me that they are one of the most popular and I immediately figured out why. The Chicken Rolls are green chili, pepper jack and cream cheese, fried in a crispy wonton wrapper with a sweet jalapeño dipping sauce.

These were so good. The cream cheese made for a thick, creamy filling with a spicy kick to it. The cream cheese is the dominant flavor with a late kicker of that spice. The shredded chicken blends right into the cream cheese like a perfect match. The dipping sauce was creamy with a sweetness to it. Even though it had jalapeño in it, I didn’t find the sauce spicy.

The AZ Chicken rolls from Four Peaks Brewery.  Cream cheese and chicken cooked like an egg roll.
The Chicken Rolls at Four Peaks Brewery

The Main Course

Well I could have stopped there as the cream cheese and chicken was pretty filling but I continued on with the main course. Riley suggest a couple of healthy options or the fish and chips as the popular menu pieces. I went with the fish and chips solely based on the name.

The Kilt Lifter Fish and Chips. The beer batter that they use is with Kilt Lifter beer so the name isn’t as nefarious as I had thought. The fish and chips came with three good sized filets, tartar sauce and lemon, and some beer battered fries.

I really enjoyed this. The golden fried fish was good and the batter was very good with a slight beer after taste. The fish was flaky and cooked well. The tartar sauce was sweet and creamy. I actually ended up taking some of this back to the hotel and making a second meal out of it. The fish held up just fine to the reheating as well which is always a gamble. But it was good the second time as well!

The Kilt Lifter Fish and Chips from Four Peaks Brewery.  Three big fish filets piled on top of french fries.
The Kilt Lifter Fish and Chips from Four Peaks Brewery

There was also a very cool patio vibe at Four Peaks and a large indoor eating area. I really enjoyed my time and if you find yourself around the Tempe area or at the Phoenix area, make sure to give Four Peaks a shot.

Finding Four Peaks

The location I went to was at 1340 8th Street in Tempe. There is not much parking so I ended up parking about a half mile down the road.

I have added this restaurant and all of the restaurants I have been to on my interactive map that you can find here. If you have a suggestion for a restaurant or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Bon Appetit!

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