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Moab Diner – Moab

Moab Diner

After a long day hiking at Arches National Park I couldn’t wait to get a bite to eat. My new friends Patty and Gary told me about the Moab Diner and if you have read this blog you know I can’t turn down a diner.

I made my way into town and found the diner and was sold by the signs alone! The diner was opened in the early 1960’s as the Poor Boy Drive-Inn and won over residents with 29 cent hamburgers. In the 70’s it was an ice cream parlor and in 1993 it began its journey at the Moab Diner.

It had that great feel of a 60’s era diner and I enjoyed every minute here.

The Neon sign for the Moab Diner hanging in the restaurant
The Moab Diner in fluorescent light!

The Food

Now to the important part…The Food! I started my meal with a side salad. I know that is rare for the Fatman but it came out and looked amazing with fresh vegetables and super crisp and cold cucumbers which was great after a hot day on the trails.

The Salad at the Moab Diner.  Two huge chunks of cucumber on a bed of lettuce with some tomato's on the side.
The side salad from the Moab Diner

Next I ordered something that I had never heard of, Kokopelli Chicken. This was a grilled chicken breast seasoned with Spanish seasonings, topped with melted cheddar and smothered in the signature green chili sauce of the diner.

The chicken was grilled nice and juicy. The green chili was very flavorful but not spicy. Even with the smother the chicken still kept its flavor which was nice.

I also ordered a side of Sweetwater Potato’s which I had never heard of either. These were like a cross between a loaded baked potato and fries. The potato was soft and covered with the toppings and each small bite tasted like a loaded baked potato! They were very good.

The Kokopelli Chicken from the Moab Diner.  This was a grilled chicken breast that isn't visible because it is smothered in shredded cheddar cheese and green chili.  Sweetwater potatoes on the side which are like mini baked potato's
The Kokopelli Chicken from Moab Diner

The Shake

Going back to the ice cream parlor roots, the Moab Diner had a large selection of ice creams and decided to get a shake. It was long hot day so I figured I earned it. Plus these were supposedly specialties so I had to try them!

I got the cookie dough ice cream shake and it was delicious. First of all the straw was kind of a joke I think. The shake was so thick that nothing was coming up despite my best efforts. When I did get to the shake it was filled with huge chunks of ice cream. It was more like a Blizzard than a regular shake and it was just as amazing as it sounds! If you go to the Moab Diner I highly recommend some form of ice cream!

The Cookie Dough Ice Cream shake from the Moab Diner.  The shake is in a Styrofoam cup so you can't really see much other than whip cream on the top.
Can’t go to the Moab Diner without a milkshake!

Finding Moab Diner

The Moab Diner is located at 189 S. Main Street in Moab. It is on the East side of the road with parking available on the side.

I have added this restaurant and all of the restaurants I have been to on my interactive map that you can find here. If you have a suggestion for a restaurant or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Bon Appetit!

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