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Big Gear Show: Innovative Products

Big Gear Show: Innovative Products

The Big Gear Show just wrapped in Park City, Utah and it was a great experience. An outdoor convention held outdoors! A ton of companies attended. I covered the show as media and saw some great new products. I will have a series of posts but to lead off here is Big Gear Show Innovative Products.


In my opinion the most innovative product at Big Gear was the PurTrek water filtering trekking pole. PurTrek combines two things that most hikers have with them, a trekking pole and a water filtration system. Making getting clean water as easy as can be. The PurTrek is a wonderful idea.

A Big Gear Show innovative product the PurTrek hiking pole works as both a hiking pole and water filter as shown in this display pumping the water up from a bin.
A PurTrek filter pole demo at the Big Gear Show

The pole itself has a sediment filter at the bottom which can be placed into a lake or creek. Then, utilizing a pumping motion on the top of the pole you can suck water through a Hollow Fiber filter system that brings filtered drinkable water into a tube that can be directed to either your mouth or into a reservoir.

the PurTrek showing the sediment filter in a tank of water pulling up water into the filter system.
The PurTrek pole bringing in the water at the Big Gear Show

I spoke with Kyle, the owner and creator, about why he came up with the design. He told me about a story of a camping trip in Yellowstone with a large group of younger campers. The group stopped for water but couldn’t get the water filtered fast enough through the filters they had and as soon as the water was good…it was gone. He wanted to come up with a higher volume filter that was convenient to carry and I think he nailed it with the PurTrek.

 the PurTrek is demonstrating the hand pump system that brings the water up the shaft of the pole and into the filter.
The pump portion of the PurTrek at the Big Gear Show

Plus, having it conveniently in the hiking pole you don’t have to worry about storing another bottle in your pack. For some of us who struggle with sore backs, knees, or just being up there in age, not having to bend over to get to the water is also a nice bonus. One of my favorite products seen and a great pickup for any outdoor enthusiast.


In 1890 Joseph Opinel designed and made his first pocket knife and the legend of Opinel Knives was born. Opinel makes high quality and extremely light weight knives. It was my first experience with an Opinel and I couldn’t believe how light they were! Yet, with a weight of just ounces they were sharp enough to cut veggies paper thin and strong enough to cut through paracord at the booth.

An Opinel Knife with a serrated blade on display.
An Opinel Knife on display at the Big Gear Show

Opinel has come out with a new line that I think will go a long way in the ultralight and backpacking communities, the Picnic Plus line. They have adapted a fork and spoon that attach perfectly to a lightweight Opinel No.08 knife when it is folded. Combined the three utensils and a cloth wrapping only weigh 3.5 ounces!

A Big Gear Show innovative Product the Opinel Picnic kit comes with a knife, fork and spoon all attachable to the same base with a cloth wrap to keep them all together at a very light weight.
The Light weight Opinel picnic kit on display at the Big Gear Show

This kit from Opinel seems like the perfect option for anyone trying to keep their weight down on a trek and have a full dining kit that comes with a really nice pocket knife.

the Opinel Picnic kit in the box explaining how it all works.
The Box for the Opinel Kit at the Big Gear Show


The Nakee Butter booth wins the award for the most energy. (Side Note: Maybe I should give out awards at these shows. I could call them the Fatty’s!) Evan, The Nakee Dude, and Steffani aka QuirkMasterFunk were full of life, positive energy and what I liked best is that they weren’t just passionate about their Nakee Butter but adventuring as well! They even asked my advice on hikes to take around the convention so you know they are smart people!

A Big Gear Show innovative product the Nakee Butter Squeezable pouch on display at the booth the pouch shows all the important benefits of the nakee butter.
Nakee Butter in a squeezable pouch at the Big Gear Show

What separated Nakee Butter for me was how they use MCT oil. MCT oil was described to me as being distilled from coconut oil and helping to give more focus. They call it “brain fuel” which might be wasted on the Fatman but 10 grams of protein in a 33 gram squeezable pouch is right up my alley.

 the Nakee Butter tubs on display at the booth the pouch shows all the important benefits of the Nakee butter.
Tubs of Nakee Butter at the Big Gear Show

The high protein comes from a very short list of ingredients that includes organic natural peanut butter, organic raw agave, organic plant protein, MCT oil, organic coconut oil, organic cacao, organic vanilla bean, and organic sunflower lecithin. Plus, Nakee Butter tastes really good. I mean really good. This is a great spread to either put on a piece of toast with breakfast or have in the pack to squeeze when energy is needed on those tough trails. Plus, it is good for you. And did I mention it tasted good! (Lets be honest, the Fatman wouldn’t eat it if it didn’t taste good!)


The last of the Big Gear Show innovative products I wanted to talk about is the InstaPrivy. Everyone uses the bathroom from time to time in the outdoors. Some are more free with it. Some prefer a bit of privacy. That is where the InstaPrivy comes in.

A Big Gear Show innovative product the InstaPrivy all fits perfectly well into an average sized 7 pound backpack.
The fully stocked InstaPrivy Backpack at the Big Gear Show

InstaPrivy is self-contained in a seven pound backpack. Inside the custom pack comes a foldable toilet chair, an Instant Privacy Tent, and waste bags. Also included, a hand shovel, toilet paper roll, seat covers and hand sanitizer. The tent provides complete privacy for those who have to go. It pops up in seconds and can easily fold back down when job is done.

the InstaPrivy tent on display giving full privacy to all users.
The Privacy tent of the InstaPrivy at the Big Gear Show

This kit is everything you need to use the bathroom in the backcountry with a bit of peace. The folding seat is strong and sturdy. Everything then folds back up into the custom pack for easy carrying. A perfect item for anyone who is a little bit nervous about their time in the woods.

 the InstaPrivy chair on display at the show. Two chairs are displayed one with a waste bag and the other without.
The InstaPrivy chair on display at the Big Gear Show

More from the Fatman

I will have more coverage of the Big Gear Show in the coming days. You can find my coverage of outdoor conventions in my Product Reviews section.  If you have any items you would like me to review or any comments feel free to email me at or you can follow me on any of the below social media platforms. Happy Hiking!

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